How to Use Linkedin to Generate More Clients for Recruiter

Recruiters are finding more clients much quickly by relying on new tools that are souring social networks especially by targeting those clients who aren’t reach out by other recruiters.

LinkedIn is one such network that got into this field by launching its recruiter facilities in 2008, thus letting headhunters search its more than 187 million profiles to contact all the potential clients.

A redefinition of the roles of generating clients
In this new configuration, it is always difficult for business to identify the needs of their targeted market while generating new clients. Linkedin can help you in this regard to get the much needed leads that you want to generate for your business as its one of the most reliable and useful tools that are being used in the market for the effective handling, endorsment and management of your company online all over the globe.
It works!
The use of Linkedin in general and blogs in particular can increase the visibility of your business, but it also helps to develop more clients and qualified leads with a good conversion rate. Indeed, 57% of participants in the study that was conducted on using the HubSpot blogs and LinkedIn have changed the leads that are generated by these new media clients.
Add Photos And Files In Your Contributions
LinkedIn is constantly trying to change its platform to allow recruiters to easily reach their targets. Last year, for example, the social network gave the opportunity to share content targeting contacts by very specific criteria such as industry, trade and seniority.
More recently, LinkedIn offers recruiters to attach visuals and files to their contribution, and in addition to the classic link redirection. The aim is to attract the eye and highlight the contribution within the stream. The visibility of each post is optimized and the click through rate increases.
Use The Widget Lead Collection
If you decide to test LinkedIn Ads, advertising solution to allow yourself to broadcast messages on the most popular pages, do not hesitate to add the Lead Collection widget on your landing page. This widget is a band that comes to encapsulate the top of your page in order to offer your site visitors who arrive at LinkedIn and submit their email so you can contact ith them using ther email address.
Consider Your Pages Products As Landing Pages
Why not give the opportunity for LinkedIn users to contact you directly in LinkedIn? In the case where a client would be interested in your product, the most direct way of contacting you is to give the necessary information directly from the Page.
By receiving the messages in this way, you will be able to recover the e-mail address of your contact. This is an opportunity for you to start making and maintaining the relationship with your new client. This is also an opportunity to connect directly with the user so that he can be aware of your contributions. These two tricks greatly increase  the probability of transforming your lead into a returning customer.
Send Emails Directly To Your Custom Target
Sponsored LinkedIn InMail is like the Email marketing on steroids. This paid program identifies exactly the people you want to reach. Write your message, add your url and leave the rest to LinkedIn. This is a very interesting way to generate both traffic and potential leads to your website. Yes, it costs. But the investment is worth since you will be able to specifically target the people you want in the first place.
If you join the program, the people you are targeting will receive a notification, thus alerting them that they have received an important message in their inbox.
Awareness Of Your Services
Pages allow you to present more precisely your expertise. While you can create a recruiter page on LinkedIn and briefly present your company, LinkedIn offers you the opportunity to describe precisely all the know-how of your business.
In addition, the search engine allows you to find a Linkedin company and its competitions. Visitors to your page can then know precisely your business and especially how many members have commented on your activity. This way of measuring its reputation is statistically one of the highlights of Linkedin!
Creating a Linkedin company page is simple and fast. A large number of recruiters and employers around the world have a Linkedin profile. The principle of this network is to indicate where you are working and it is very likely that your employees will indicate the name of your business.