How to Use Linkedin to Generate More Clients for Recruiter

Want to Recruit Quality Candidates?

The world of social media has taken this world by storm. Be it for the entertainment purpose, for the marketing campaigns or for simply finding talented people all around the globe, social media is there to help us out. Just like all the other popular and useful social media networks that we find today, LinkedIn is yet another social networking site that  is used by pretty much all the entrepreneurs for finding top talent all over the world as it is specially designed and developed to be used by professionals for the management of their various important online tasks.

This means that without exaggerating, you can safely say that LinkedIn has successfully evolved itself into one of the largest online business networking platforms. Having over 50 million active users worldwide, it can be used powerfully in many ways for the effective management and running of your business/company.

But amongst all the useful ways through which you can use it for your business, one of the key ways is to use it for recruiting the much needed talent that you require for your company. Rather than going through various job posting websites, today you can recruit the top talent as easily as a flip of coin with the help of it. But for doing so, you need to be well aware of all its features in order to utilize it to its fullest capacity.

For this purpose you need to ask yourself a couple of questions such as whether you are utilizing linked in to its full potential or if your application tracking system is synchronized and integrated with your linked in account or not? If you are unclear about the answers to both these questions, given below are some guides that are surely going to work your way out, so as to be to help you in recruiting the best candidates for your company.

A Complete and Thorough Company’s Profile is a Key to your Success
Your company’s profile is your way of representing it online. One of the basic things that you need to include in your profile for increasing its exposure on linked in is to fill in all the important and simple details such as your company’s full name, an appropriate picture, date of establishment, number of employees that are currently working, your mission statement and so on. Don’t forget to write in your contact details such as your website’s URL, your email address or simply your helpline number. Along with all these details you also have make sure that you are using all the appropriate keywords so as to get the required number of hits when being searched for in all the major search engines.

Scan Candidate’s Profiles but with Care
Although you can use linked in for searching the profiles of all the potential candidates that have got the required skill in the niche you are looking for, using your account as merely an HR tool can give birth to a lot of legal issues, which is why its recommended for you to search and scan the candidate’s authenticity through the assistance of companies that are exclusively meant to do it. In doing so you would not be only able to avoid all the legal issues but would also be able to go through some of the hottest talent prospects to recruit in your company. Besides, you can also search for any candidate with the help of his/her common friends and communities.

Scanning through Targeted Groups can also be an Option
Limiting your search to a certain groups is a wise thing to do as searching amongst 45 million active users to get to know a potential candidate would surely consume a lot of your time and effort. For this purpose, you not only need to target your search towards specific groups but also have to extract the required information with the help of complicated but useful keyword based queries. You can also enter in your location to get the best results, but even if by trying all the possibilities you are unable to get the required results, then you can always try using the ever so popular Boolean logic to find out some of the most amazing talented minds that are waiting to be discovered just by you.

Keeping Everything Up to Date
Regular updating everything including your company’s profile as well as latest job openings is a key for increased exposure towards your profile. You can update about a certain job in all the groups that you are a part of, as in doing so you are sending your message across 3 million professionals online, even if you have got just 150 connections in your LinkedIn account and that too without any cost.

Work Hard for your Brand Image
Try to create a brand image for your company amongst all the active as well as passive audience by synchronizing it with all your social accounts as well as company’s blogs and website. You can regularly list the special events on your LinkedIn profile as well as do some free PR for your organization alongside handling of recruitment related details. With the help of listing special events and your work culture on your LinkedIn profile, you would make your company to appear as an appealing organization to work at in the eyes of the employees, thus helping your cause without having to label yourself as a “needy recruiter”.

Choosing to Recruit with LinkedIn is surely one of the best ways through which you can find the quality talent that can bring in much needed thought, leadership and strategy to your organization. So for every recruiter who is in need of a quality resource(s), LinkedIn is the place that you must get yourself into without any delay!