The Ultimate Guide to Rank #1 in Google Singapor

Index – The Ultimate Guide to Rank #1 in Google Singapore

1) Target The Correct Keywords

2) “Singapore” appearing in Domain name

3) Local Singaporean Style

4) SEO Kiasu Techniques

5) Pinterest is KING

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Are looking to rank your website to #1 in Google Singapore, then you have come to the right place.

In this exclusive article, I will give you a huge list of strategies that I have done to rank many of my websites and my client websites to #1 in Google Singapore in 2018.

All these tips I have personally tried, tested, re-tested and proven to be very effective.

By being number 1 in Google Singapore with the correct targeted market, it automatically brings many target audience and customers to your website.

With correct landing page and persuasive “selling”, with thousands of visitors coming to your website every single day, you will be able to generate a lot more leads and sales for your company and website.

1) Target the Correct Keywords and Group

It is so so so so…… important that any website owners will do extensive research on the correct target keywords, it is like setting a direction for the company.

If the target is wrong, no matter how you are ranked in Google Singapore, you will never get a decent traffic to your website.

And even if you are getting thousands of people going to your website every single day, you be surprised there aren’t any inquiries on your website!

With over 15 years of SEO activities, I have seen so many websites owners are using the wrong group of keywords that make their website ranked number 1 and yet not getting the leads they are looking for.

Here is the statistic basing on my findings – Average of 93% of the websites I have come across have not done the correct keyword research, even reputable SEO agencies in Singapore are also facing the same problem.

What does that REALLY mean?

That mean even the top SEO agencies in Singapore are not getting the right keywords for their clients, so how do you expect them to help any of their clients?

This information is quite shocking and yet, many SEO agencies in Singapore continue to have this problem and made many clients invested in SEO services packages and because of that, many of them are not making money from the SEO service that they have invested.

In turns, most of the companies and website owners are NOT getting results in SEO itself.

The reason is that they are not focusing on the correct keywords to start with. If the SEO project manager is giving you the wrong focus, then the SEO campaign will likely not yield any good results.

Be extremely careful that some SEO project manager knows you are not in the SEO industry and may resort to suggesting keywords that are of low competition and yet extremely low search volume.

And they will give you plenty of reasons to justify their “wrong” approach!

By doing so, they are able to rank your keywords easily and account for the task of getting your website to the top 3 and yet there are no visitors.

2) “Singapore” appearing in Domain name

To rank well in Google Singapore, your domain name when possible should have a Singapore in it.

Of course, you can also get a or .sg domain, usually, it is more expensive and the paperwork is more complex, my personal preference is a .com domain, easier and faster.

Example 1: This domain focus in providing a list of laptop repair vendors in Singapore, instead of people going to various places to source for a reliable laptop repair vendors in Singapore, this website had done extensive research to list out the reliable laptop repair vendors.

This domain, which I have created around the end of 2017, with some search engine optimization, I am able to get it to the first page within 4 months in, basing on the top keyword “Laptop Repair Singapore.”

As you can see, it is already ranking below, it is actually a compliment to because hardwarezone is one of the pioneers in forum discussion and worth millions of dollars in values!

So imagine if is always hovering beside hardwarezone or even ranked better than hardwarezone, how will the value and perception of

I think you are getting to my points….

Of course, the activities you are doing for SEO should be as natural as possible, always remember that Google loves organic content, natural and not too PUSHY, there is no need to push too hard in SEO, the more you push, the worst ranking it can be.

But having said that, being relevant is important, over putting “Singapore” or the “keywords” that you are targeting as a keyword in your website, title page, descriptions will also be a NO-NO.

Example 2:

1st Page in for SEO Reseller Singapore keyword within 1-2 weeks This domain focus basically tells by itself, it deals in SEO reseller in Singapore.

Hence, objectives of the website are to attract people who are interested to become a reseller for SEO in Singapore to approach us to resell the services or refer business to us.

Basically, it is a very targeted audience and with very little search volume, it this case, we are already ranked number 6 within 10 days after the domain is registered.

If you notice the 2 examples above, the key phases and the domain name are actually the same, this is a very old method of doing SEO and it can be very interesting and yet FATAL.

Google knows what these guys are doing and the tricks they are using.

However, the fundamental still remains, as long as you have relevant and quality content with people liking it, sharing it and commenting about it in forums, social media, and many other platforms, your domain will still rank high up there.

** However, if you provide minimum quality to the website in terms of content and poor user experiences, not only your website will not be rank, it will be penalized!

Penalised in terms of not ranking at all or even ranked far far away… LOL, so be very careful about this.

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3) Local Singaporean Style

If your target audience is in Singapore, then the way you write ought to be in Singaporean STYLE. Probably the using of Singlish will help to make the website more localized.

This will also make the readers feel more friendly and able stay on the website longer. Remember that with that Singlish feeling, people will feel bonded and feel closer to you, even though it is just a website or article.

Once you are able to bring the level closer, people will start to love what you are writing, and trust will begin to build your brand and the potential clients.

When trust is slowly built, the reader will read further and this will in turns increase dwelling time, for a detailed understanding of what is dwelling.

With a better dwelling time, it is telling Google directly that your webpage is important and deserves more respects and exposures, and your ranking in will improve gradually naturally.

Time will take care of everything in your rankings.

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4) SEO Kiasu Techniques

Let us be a little KIASU in SEO Singapore, alright, mind my “words”, you need to be a little KIASU, not over KIASU, because being over KIASU will not just make your ranking drop than to rank it higher in Google search engine.

How to be Kiasu in SEO:

Social Media Kiasu

When you do social media marketing for your website or article, go for Linkedin, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Google Plus, Digg, etc…

The purpose is to SPREAD your social media to be seen in more than just one social media accounts so that you will be able to build your foundation of SEO WIDER, once your base is WIDER, it will not be easy to make your ranking drop too much.

The purpose is to build the base, with a good foundation, your ranking will be stable in case of any changes in Google algorithm.

In the event of any changes in Google algorithm, your Google ranking will not fluctuate too much.

Keyword Focus Kiasu

Most SEO agencies will suggest starting about 10 keywords to start with for your SEO campaign, this is actually quite dangerous because, in any minor changes in Google algorithm, changes in competition or habit change in the search pattern, your effort in SEO will go down the drain easily.

I would suggest for a start at 30 keywords in SEO, if better, go for 50 keywords, spread the focus on the keywords to short tail or long tail keyword.

As long as it belongs to the same category and same page optimization, it should be fine.

Do not make a mistake of optimizing 30 keywords and each of them has a unique landing page, that will be committing suicide for SEO marketing.

Ideally, it should be about an average of 15-20 keywords per landing page.

Awareness Kiasu

Well, so you have a very interesting website or an article, the next step is to let as many people know about your webpage as much as possible, you can do the following to let many people know about your webpage and send them the URL link:

  • Sent SMS, whatsapp, Line, QQ, Viper, WeChat and Telegram and let your friends know about the article
  • Email to your contacts about the webpage you have created
  • Collect all the business card you have collected, compile them and tell them about it.
  • Announced to social group such as church, community clubs, business networking group, etc
  • Volunteers in different events or activities that related to the website you are promoting
  • Attend seminars, talks, and workshops on related topics
  • Print the link on your business card
  • Put the link in your Header Description such as Wechat, Whatapps
  • Create related group chat in whatsapps, Line, wechats
  • The idea is to let as many people know about this…yes this is Kiasu in action!

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5) Pinterest is KING (Huh, what is Pinterest? It is Pronounced as pin-terest)

The more relevant graphics you have on your webpage, the more interesting your webpage is going to be, remember that more people are a visual person, they like to see graphics that illustrate your points.

Having visual also makes your webpage have more depth and will let user believes that you have actually spent more time and effort to create a better content for the readers.

Pictures give great backlinks – Yes, for example in, it is a social media where people can pin to their Pinterest account and every PIN itself is a link!

And Pinterest is generating so many links for my website in some topics that some of the top keywords are already ranked top 3 in Google without me doing anything!

Alright, here you go, the ultimate guide to rank #1 in Google Singapore in 2020. Hope this helps your Google SEO ranking.

If you have any question related to SEO service or Kiasu Service, do let me know, I am reachable at dc @

Dougles Chan – Kiasu Marketer