SEO Singapore Strategies to Rank Top 3 in Google Search Engine

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Welcome to my website, A website specialized in writing and sharing SEO tips and strategies not just in Singapore, but for many other countries too.

I also write the SEO strategies I am using for my clients related to different industries such as wedding videography, pain relief industry and more.

Personally, I would prefer to be more specific based on country or industry as I believe it will give more values to the readers rather than just slapping a 5,000 words articles just to capture the traffics which many of the SEO Gurus are doing.

Well, I have be doing over SEO for over 50 of my own websites and hundreds of selected clients in Singapore, Malaysia, USA, UK, Philippines and many other countries for over 18 years, I was not really in the SEO industry when I started but I am doing it for my websites and companies that I am running, which was donkey years ago.

Until one day a training company for PSLE students ask me to help them to do their SEO, my first client was born. It was a decent price to pay for my services as the training company boss understands the real value of ranking high in the Google search engine.

It was not difficult to “sell” the SEO services to them as they already know many of my websites in other industries are already ranking very high for many years. (That is how they founded me!)

Anyways, long story short, I started an SEO company after that client as I believe that there is a huge demand for my services that can really seriously help many SME who are desperately looking for new customers.

In this article – Top 10 SEO Singapore Tips to Rank Top 3 in Google Search Engine, I will share with you the SEO strategies I am using from day 1 until to-date and you can use them too to help your ranking much better in Singapore Google Search Engine.

This article is only for people who wants to rank high in Singapore. Some of the SEO tips may not work if you are applying the SEO techniques in other countries, just to set an expectation.

SEO Singapore Tip 1: Be Locally Relatable  

Well, can you imagine that as a Singapore customer, you are reading an article or website that is written by a writer from India, Philippines that you know it is not from Singapore or even from an ANG MO that their ENGLAND is so bombastic and so flowery that you don’t even know what the XXXX they are talking about.

It is like someone talking to you….like what I am doing now, I do not get any writer to help me…I use Singlish is better able to relate to you…

Tiok bo?

If someone from China Chinese sees that, they will not understand my joke, buy local Singaporean will be able to relate…

The keyword is to RELATE.

If I am not able to relate to you in this article, can I say that it will not interest you?

Correct right?

So you will have a good rapport with me and you will be able to continue to read to the next point 2…and you likely be sharing this article if you find it good enough.

Dude, here is the thing, once your website is relatable, it will have longer reading time, higher chance of sharing.

This will have a DIRECT effect on the ranking of your website.

Ok, let us move on to SEO Singapore Tip 2….

SEO Singapore Tip 2 – Write for People, not SEO Spider

Too many people had said that content is KING.

I seriously think that the marketing message from those digital marketing companies that sells content writing or digital marketing services…LOL

Forgive me if you are a content writer, nothing personal…I respect your profession…

When you write your content for the purpose of SEO, never write for the sake of SEO Ranking, what do I really mean by that?

There is a difference between writing for SEO Spider and for the local to read,

Take for example:

  1. I am an SEO Expert Singapore << – This is for SEO Spider
  2. I am an SEO Expert in Singapore << – This is for local Singaporean to read

My point is – Focus on number 2, don’t just write an article or content for the sake of Google spider, yes, it may rank better, that is all. Your focus is to make them take action and relate to you…

Another example:

  1. Best Wedding Videography Singapore << – This is for the creepy spinder
  2. Best Wedding Videographer in Singapore << – This is for local Singaporean to read

Most SEO expert or SEO consultants will use method 1 to write the content, which it does not make sense at all, this is for the spider to read and crawl. Local Singaporean will find the ANG MO very weird…and they say, WTF!

So here is the trick, be original, be local, be yourself. 

DO NOT write for the sake of SEO spider in Google Singapore Search Engine. It will not work in the long run, you may get a higher rank but you get less customers and leads.

SEO Singapore Tip 3 – and .sg domain will likely be useful

This article is about ranking high in Singapore Google Search Engine, hence in your website, URL, content ought to be related to Singapore.

  • The domain name will rank better in if your domain is or .sg
  • Your hosting should be Singapore hosting server, if you are unsure whether the hosting server is located in Singapore, check with the hosting company, they will be able to reveal to you.
  • The words, Singapore, SG, S’pore should be present in your website a few times.(Do not overdo it)
  • Insert your company name and address when possible, this will add credential to people who surf you website (Under Google payroll) and your potential customers.

Alright, let us move on…Chop chop!

SEO Singapore Tip 4 – Roar like the Merlion 

Every visitors that goes to the Merlion Park knows that they are going to see the Merlion and nothing else, they would love to take photos with the Merlion and the Merlion only.

This applies to any website visitors that goes to your website, when they were to search for any keywords, key phases or search terms (These are technical words in SEO), they would expect to see something related to what they are searching for.

Many website owners and businesses gets too “over” about their website and put too many things in their webpage that is not relevant.

Creating choking in the web-page and make the Google spider confused and tired. This not only hurts your ranking in Google search engine, it is not productive at all.

Each web-page ideally should be talking about one product, one service or one search term when possible.

This make the search easy and direct, website visitors will love it too and they will likely to convert into customers.

SEO Singapore Tip 5 – Having Less is More

There is no need to generate hundreds or thousands or articles to get traffic to your websites, I remember that I used to have over 10,000 articles related to anything and everything under the sun and I am getting 24,025 people coming to my website at a all time high.

I was excited and overwhelmed about it, obviously this makes my server crash and I need to upgrade the hosting services to a higher tier.

However, one thing I was concern about, the number of sales actually doe not increase, meaning that the people that are visiting my website are not my target audience.

One important thing I learn from this – It is better to talk to 10 people that are interested than to talk to 10,000 people that are not interested.

With that, I DELETED all over 10,000 articles and the traffic in my website suffer a huge plunged. In fact, I focused solely on writing on ONE subject and I started to gather focus group of people that are interested in that subject. In fact, the sales increased by many folds and made me to be the SEO master Shifu and my brand goes all the way to UK and USA and not just in Singapore.

End of the day, I would like stress this – Less is More.

Especially when you focus your product and services in Google.

SEO Singapore Tip 6 – Marketing is the Key

Many people believes that having a great content will get you to the top page in Google. Which sadly is is not true. There are over 99.9% of the content in the world is still not being index in Google.

What makes your content must be indexed in Google?

If you are not letting people knows about your amazing content, why Google will say even YES to index your website.

You see, it is all about marketing.


Meaning that you need to let as many people knows about your website via OTHER different channels, such as Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, Messagers, Whatapps, Line, etc etc etc….

You will need to let people visit your website, so that GOOGLE will be able to see how long people stay there and also whether people share your content.

This gives an indication to Google telling them how GOOD your content is.

And yes, this will take a while, that is why I always tell my SEO client that if they really want to get ranking in Google, whether if it is in Singapore or other countries, they will have to wait for at least 3 to 6 months.

So by all means, when you have the great content, take the liberty to share with your friends, your suppliers, customers and more…

Be Kiasu abit, it is not shameful to share great content.

Be proud of it!

Alright, thank you for reading this SEO Singapore Tips , specially if you come from Singapore only hor…Cheers~

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