11 SEO Tips for Staffing Agencies Website [Updated May 2020]

SEO Tips for Staffing Agencies

Do you have a staffing agency website that needs SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) to generate more clients, candidates or even create better brands in your region? The fact is that with proper SEO activities, you will be able to generate more potential job orders, meet more clients, have more potential resumes, more recruiters may join you and at the same time having a better-perceived brand!

Here are some pointers I would like to highlight related to SEO for Staffing Agency Websites.

Take note that the things I am going to share is NOT technical aspects of SEO but from a broader prospective.

1. SEO for Recruitment Agencies & Staffing Agencies websites are ONGOING

Even if you have ranked #1 in the major keywords in the Google search engine you are desiring, always keep updating on the latest trend and best practice so that you know what you are doing is CORRECT, a simple SEO backlink may prove to be deadly when Google changes its algorithm.

Hence, I always encourage students to attend the refresh courses for SEO Master as they will be able to know the best practice in the Staffing industry.

Do you know that the SEO trend and focus on the Staffing industry also change over time?

That is to say that whatever you have done TODAY for the SEO for your website, it might be obsolete when the trend and focus changes.

That means, what you have done for SEO will not work TOMORROW! Keep learning and updating.

2.What Categories to Focus on? 

Are you looking to get more clients? Get more candidates? Get more recruiters to join your Staffing firm? Or a combination of any of the above? Do remember that the more categories you are focusing on, the more keywords will likely you need to do SEO on, which means more resources, time and money on it. So if you are unsure, please do not choose ALL the categories where you will waste plenty of resources and time.

3. Focusing on what industry or job function?

Are you focusing on a selected industry or job function so much so that you are being the expert of that field? You see, in my perspective, it is always better to focus, this makes your value higher and people do respect it.

Customers who know the value of specialization will be willing to pay you higher price too.

By focusing on a selected industry, you will be able to focus on lesser keywords and put all your resources in that area. There is a chance that the volume may not be too high, but if you select enough keywords, then the total volume are worth it.

4. What Do You Want to Be Identify As? 

Are you a recruitment agency, employment agency, staffing agency, executive search agency, headhunter, manpower agency,etc, you see, different people and from different countries use different terms to represent the same thing, if you were to optimised the wrong keywords for your website, you may likely not have any potential people clicking on your website even if you are number 1 ranked in your local search engine.

5. Understanding that Ranking #1 Means Nothing

Many SEO agencies or experts will always preach that being TOP 3 is the key for SEO, but here is the problem.

Will ranking at the TOP 3 make the potential customer clicks on your website URL?

Nope, there are no guarantees that they will click on your URL even you are at number 1 at the Google Search Engine.

You must also take into consideration when doing SEO for Staffing agencies

People Clicking on Your URL is not Enough:

  • Are they impress by your website
  • Do they trust you after visiting your website
  • Are they willing to call you or leave down their contact number
  • Will they respond to your call or email
  • Are your offers compelling enough
  • Does your offer have any deadline
  • What makes them want to confirm the final deal
  • Will the customer refer more customers or candidates to you?

The entire process of getting ranked and the final process of getting potential customers to call you or email you, the “in-between” process is so important that many people failed to understand or pay full attention on it.

6. SEO in Different Phases 

It is very important that your SEO process for your Staffing agency website need to spread out in different phases, for example, do not SEO 100 keywords at one time to one landing page, this will not be natural in the eyes of big brother Google, they will likely to take notice of your activities and will not rank your website favorably.

I will suggest spreading them in 25 keywords per 3-4 months so the SEO activities will seem gradually and naturally.

7. Backlinking is not enough

The SEO experts will always tell you to go for quality backlinks, they may be good but remember it is all about natural…when your website is natural, your website will be ranked up gradually, this will be the best method to rank up high and steadily.

Other methods of creating good traffic and creating real visitors can be in terms of putting your URL in name cards, flyers, banners, sending messages to what apps, SMS where there is a URL of your website, and other non “traditional” backlinking.

When non-traditional visitors come to your website, it is telling Google that you have REAL visitors and not just another “link” created visitors. Your website will be heavily awarded more points.

8. Doing SEO Yourself, Nah….

Remember I was mentioned about doing yourself for SEO, what I meant in “doing yourself” is that you will need to do the project management yourself and delegate all the other major routine work to other different groups of people.

For example, the backlinking and your landing page promotion should be constantly done by different people RANDOMLY, so it does create natural SEO activities and it makes it looks legit.

Bearing in mind that when you do your SEO on your own Staffing agency website without OUTSOURCING to other people will not work.

When I mentioned outsourcing, meaning that you get individuals to assist you, and not hiring an SEO agency.

Why doing it yourself will not work: Understanding that Google loves to make the users happy, so if your content is not great and YOU are the only person promoting it, you will NEVER get to rank #1.

One recommendation is to ask your Staffing consultants to do the backlinking from their home computer, not the office computer. This will helps somewhat.

Google knows your tricks, everything is being tracked, so do not waste your time doing yourself.

9. Job Posting in Your Staffing Agency Website

If you have the resources, always post the jobs you are doing in your website, the most jobs you post, the likelihood it will be crawled by Google and the potential traffic from job seekers will be higher too.

Many Staffing agencies website just put their corporate profile and does not update the website. Probably you can ask your Staffing consultants to assist to post in your website.

Hence, big brother Google will not love such websites, you need to be in good books with Google, or else, you will not be preferred.

10. On Page SEO for Staffing Agency Website

In SEO, there are basically 2 parts to do, On-Page SEO and Off-Page SEO, both MUST be done naturally, nothing else….

The easiest way for your Staffing agency website, in the event you are using WordPress, will be to install the All in one SEO Pack and put the relevant words and text naturally.

Anyways, remember that if you miss out this part on On Page SEO, you will likely not be ranked to the optimum as Google will not “respect” your website if it is not relevant.  (You MUST do on Page SEO for your Staffing agency website.)

11. Off Page SEO 

In simplicity, off page SEO are activities that are not ON your Staffing agency website, there are many ways to do off page SEO, this is a huge topic where it will take a while to discuss and I will leave it on another topic.

An article by Dougles Chan