Stretch Your Company Sales Figures…Because It Is Possible!

Many leaders and managers, especially in sales, many have this thinking that the sales target for every sales person should be about the same as the industry standard. The truth fact is that it is not even close to the average!
Most people had this mind-set that they can only achieve THAT much. Hence when they believe that they are able to achieve $XXXX.XX of sales per month, most of the time will reach the figure basing on their set amount. The manager and leaders will also take this as normal and happy with what it is happening.
However, 80% of them who does not have a vision or even believe themselves, they will not even come close to even 50% of their targets to be achieved. The other 20% who has a vision and believes that it can be achieved; most of them will be able to achieve them, usually with minimum efforts.
Here’s the problem – They do not know how far they can really achieve, they do not know how far they can stretch further….. Whatever the manager told them initially, they will believe and use that as a benchmark.
Many have this problem, as they had set a certain standard for themselves. Some will say that they can only sell items which are $500.00. Hence, they will not be able to handle products and services that are valued in thousands or even ten thousands of dollars. Some will say they can only sell this total value per month, anything more than that, they will not be able to achieve, even if they were to achieve the amount before the month end, their body and mental engines had already switch off for the rest of the weeks before reaching the end of the month.
I remembered many years ago there was a sales lady who was working with me, her monthly sales was about $5,000 and apparently she is pretty satisfied with how she had performed. However, after I guide her through the next few rounds, I transformed her thinking, mentality and her standard higher so that her $5,000 is actually so achievable that she started to sell more than $5,000.
Here’s what I have done, I raised her standard from $5,000 to $50,000 per month. At first, she felt impossible, in fact, any logical person will say that I am mad. However, I have many previous references that it can be done and I know how to do it.
I showed her how to do it faster and more effectively. (With examples and proofs) I showed her by doubling her contract value and filtering away “low grade” clients, she is able to talk to more qualified people and sell more contract value, hence not only making $5,000 seems to be peanuts for her, she laugh at herself being satisfied with only a $5,000 monthly sales previously.
What was her result? She achieved $62,250 sales within the next month compared to her previous mediocrity sales amount. With that kind of interesting sales figures, her take home commission way many times more than any normal sales person for almost a year. She was laughing all the way to the bank…. 😉

The Stretching Method:

To ensure that this stretching method works, you should have a fairly good relationship with your employees who are working with you as trust and communication are very important. Your employee needs to believe what you say is potentially possible (Although the initial responds will usually say it is humanly impossible) and if they have any problems on the process or methods they will be able to approach you, ask you questions without any fear that you will be reprimanding them. In this way, the employees will be able to ensure they are on the right direction and be able to go towards the target with maximum guidance with maximum results.
Achieving more sales is very possible, if only you know how and what to do, also you must throw away all your old beliefs and traditional standards you had set previously and open for new ideas.