Using a Facebook Fan Page to Recruit Employees.

Believe it or not, there are dos and don’ts about what should be the content of a Facebook fan page. And we can see many examples that prove to us this is true.
The knowledge of these strategies is not only informal. Since 2010, Social Media Examiner has organized the “Facebook Success Summit” to help marketers learn to discover how to attract customers as well as build a loyal fan club and also make money with the help of Facebook. Another interesting fact about this summit is that it is a fully online conference! They also organize various other conferences and summits to broaden the industry knowledge of how to effectively market using social media.
The surprising, and at the same time disheartening, fact is that companies want to market and sell and look all big using this humongous network of over 500 million users. But not many of them are exploring the option of recruiting through this channel. ‘Engagement,’ they claim, is the primary motive behind a Facebook brand/fan page. But we do not see them engaging in it very well. Posting offers on their products and convincing people to buy it is only superficial involvement. Sharing something about how their company works, allowing users to ask questions, and making their employees answer those questions will not only enhance the brand loyalty but also make the customers want to work with the company. A simple announcement about a job opening on the company Facebook page will spread the word quicker than any other medium and will also mean a lot to the customers/potential-employees.
A job tab on the Facebook page is a very simple function to handle. On the technical end, we are quite set! There are many individual as well as institutional app developers ready to customize a job-tab for you. And the best part is: it does not even cost you big bucks! They charge minimal amounts based on the number of postings per specific time period that might be required. If you wish, you can avail of an unlimited pack. Whether you have a separate formalized ‘careers’ page on the company website or you don’t, a job-tab on the Facebook page is an idea worth exploring.
In the recent past, there has been a sudden upsurge in the number of applications developed for this purpose. Recently, a made-in-Canada job-tab was launched. To go with it, Syndicruit introduced their Facebook job-tab using this; you can customize your own tab, and use it to put job openings directly onto your Facebook Fan page! Extremely easy to use, companies can make use of this facility and maintain the tab without investing too much human resources into it.
In this discussion, we can certainly not miss Jobvite! One of the major players in the online recruiting industry, when they launched a special LinkedIn and Facebook interface for recruiting back in 2009, it created a buzz. It was considered to be one of the highest quality platforms offered.
One thing is for sure, we are dealing with the social media after all. The speed of dispersion of information is tremendous over here, irrespective of the authenticity of it! Companies need to tackle this issue very carefully along with keeping up with the quality and customization that will be offered by their competitors.