Where to buy LED lights in Singapore

Are you looking to buy LED lights in Singapore and do not know where to buy, here are some recommendations and methods you can use to find the recommended lighting shops in Singapore for your LED lights shopping.

1) The Lighting Shop Paradise

Travel to Balestier Rd and you can see a strentch of LED lighting shops at almost every end of the road. Lighting shops such as:

  • Chan Huat Lighting House at 391 Balestier Rd, Singapore 329797
  • Balestier Lighting, Balestier Hotel, 471 Balestier Road (S)329842, 329842
  • Unique Lighting Pte Ltd 509 Balestier Rd, Singapore 329848
  • Extreme Lighting 371 Balestier Rd, Singapore 329788
  • Light Connection Pte Ltd 609 Balestier Rd, s’pore, Singapore 329907
  • Strass Lighting 501 Balestier Rd, Singapore 329844

There are many more lighting shops along Balestier Road itself, so shop around and you maybe able to get some good bargains, many of the shops are very traditional lighting shops and the owners can be quite old. Hence do be prepared if they do not speak good English.

However, some of the older lighting shops had been handed over to their 2nd generations and apparently some of them are pretty modern and updated in terms of technology and speaks good English too.

2) Local Reviews

Another way to search for good LED lightings in Singapore is to use local reviews such as Google reviews and search for LED lights or Lighting Shops in Singapore or some keyphases surrounding LED, Lighting shop, you should be able to see some local listing as the one below.

Go through each of them to see their reviews, see their reviews whether it is good in an average, be careful of fake reviews too. If the reviews sounds too good to be truth for the lightings shops, usually it is! Haha…Just be careful when you see Google reviews, it can be manipulated by the owners or marketing companies too…

If the company has a Facebook page, you can go to their FB page and look at their reviews too. If the lighting shop Facebook page do not have any reviews at all, be very careful. Likely they have deactivate the reviews as some people have given some bad reviews on their lighting shop Facebook page. There will be some “reasons” for them to deactivate the review section in the Facebook page.

3) Google Wisely

Many people use Google to search “Where to buy LED lights in Singapore”, “recommended lighting shops in Singapore”,”LED lights Singapore” to search for some good LED lights suppliers.

As a professional SEO coach and SEO consultant, I know that getting listed in the first page is pretty easy and possible for any “bad” lighting shops.

Hence, from a professional point of view, I may suggest to you that being on the top 3 of Google in the major keyphases such as LED light singapore, LED ceiling lights, ceiling lights singapore may not mean that they are the really “recommended lighting shops in Singapore” or the best LED Light shops in Singapore.

4) Check their website

Check the LED Lighting Shop website thoroughly and see if they do put some attention to their branding, the quality of the photos and do they have any reviews over there. The most money and time they have spend on the website, higher chances that they are of good quality lighting shops in Singapore.

You can also see the website AGE to see when the website is register so that you have an estimate on how long the website is around.

Goto this website https://whois.net/ and key-in the website address, you will be able to see exactly when the domain had been register. This will give you an idea how old is the domain and possible how long they are in the LED lighting industry.

Btw, if they do not have a website at all, please do not buy LED lights fromh them. In this era, if a business cannot even afford a website, or even DIY their own website, that shows how insincere they are in their business.

5) Checking the “Top 10” listing for LED Lighting Shops

If you notice, there are some blogs and articles related to lighting shops that are listed in top 5, top 10 or top 20 of a specific title such as Lighting shop. Do be mindful that the purpose of the websites that writes such articles are trying to bring you to their website. Google ranked such website very highly and because of that, the authenticity of the ranking and the lighting shops mentioned in there may not be 100% accurate. There are cased where the LED lighting shops pays the blogger or website owner a fee to be listed there too!

Hence, do be very careful when you are looking at blogs that reads “Top 10” lighting shops in Singapore… The listing may not be too accurate at all.

This article is written by Dougles Chan, The SEO Master, who specialised in SEO services and coaching. For more SEO colloborations and strategies, check his website here.