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Four Ways To Acquire Wealth

Four majors ways you can accumulate wealth. Whether it is direct wealth or indirect wealth.

First is the ability to do a task. That means you work for people, you have the ability to turn this action and activities into an income based on your skill set.

Second is the ability to sell or influence. That means you have the ideas, the products, the services and you are able to convince the other to park their investment.

Third is the ability to decide. That means we have to make a lot of decisions, especially monetary ones for jobs, investments, business, etc. The better decision you make, the better life you will have. It is very important that we use the Qimen chart to see whether we are able to see the potential of this decision.

Fourth is the ability to identify our potential. That means you are able to see whether you are good in which factors. As long as you are able to identify your potential, you are able to based on that particular skill to exponentially make the income better.

These are the four things that we are looking at to accumulate wealth. If you do not know which part is going to be the best for you, just drop me a message and from there we can explore further.

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