Are there too Many Wedding Videographers in Singapore?

When your search Wedding Videographers in Singapore or wedding photography you will be able to find easily hundreds or even thousands of videographers and photographers in Singapore and the number of people getting married is getting lesser and lesser every year.

For a wedding videography, photography business, whether they are doing
pre wedding videography, photography Singapore, actual day wedding videography, photography, engagement day wedding videography, photography or a combination of any of the above, they will find that it is quite tough to get new clients for their wedding videography and photography business.

Many wedding videography and photography business started on their website claims to be the best wedding videographer Singapore, affordable wedding videography, photography Singapore, cheapest one also! But when the wedding couples check on their prices, usually it may not be the expected rate the couples are looking for. In fact, the rates of the package can be easily a few hundreds to even tens of thousands of dollars….leaving the wedding couple confused and annoyed. even the so-called popular and trusted websites that lists down the rates of the wedding videography and photographery may not be as accurate as it seems, basically, the owner of the website just write for the sake of trying to attract more website traffic for their website.

As a whole, when the ratio of the videographer, photography and the wedding couple is not going to healthy, then I would foresee that more and more videographer or photography business will close shop in a matter of time, basically, many are not good marketing person or even a good salesperson, hence, there will really have time to close a good number of cases simply because the standard of living Singapore is way too high…In fact, if you are not living in Singapore, do you know that Singapore is actually the most expensive city in the entire world? And Singapore have been getting the awards for many years straight!!!

Anyways, going back to the videographer and photography thing, in my opinion, as the barrier to entry is not really high, any individual person who has some passion in videography and or photography or making money will be able to become a wedding videographer or photographer, or even both!

If you are thinking of doing so, I would suggest you will need to focus on the following areas.

Marketing, salesmanship, presentation, website design, social media marketing, search engine optimization, business networking and branding and some of the must-have things you will need to be pretty successful, I have not talked about the skills of the videography or photography yet! If you lack some of them, it can be trained and learn, it is still possible.

So to answer the question of whether are there too many wedding photographer & videographer in Singapore, the answer is a definite YES.

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