My Thoughts on the Future of wedding videography Singapore Business

Having helped wedding videography Singapore business to do digital marketing for awhile, I notice a few trends that can be very interesting and will be worthwhile to pay some attention to it especially if you are in the business of wedding videography.

More Competitions – Apparently with a number of video courses available by skillfuture, the cost of taking lessons on how to be a good videographer is almost zero, with more people more knowledgeable, some will be venturing into videography as a form of side income or main business for themselves. Apparently, some will also become a wedding videographer or even learn photography to compliment as the type of clients are the same.

One Man Operation – Most of the wedding videographer will likely to be operating on their own as they do not have the budget to hire a full-time staff to help them, they could be lucky to hire a part-time wedding videographer to pair up together for the project but the chances are slim. Even if they are able to hire, the cost of hiring will be very high which also includes transportation and CPF every month.

Bigger Operation, Bigger Cost – As one of the biggest factor of operating a wedding videography business is the cost of operation, the rental of the office and the staff will be the killer, it will likely constitute about 70% of the entire revenue, hence, the owner, which himself is also a committed videographer, will be facing a challenge when the sales are not enough to cover the rental and staff cost.

More Savvy Wedding Couples – As the customers are usually young couples, they are pretty savvy in market prices and doing online research, hence, videographer who are still using traditional marketing will lose out the market share as many of them will use online to find the cheapest and best wedding videographer for themselves.

Top 4% of the Market – I also notice that the more popular wedding videographer players, who are at the top of Google search engine, are actually generating most of the industry revenue, hence the people who are not even listed on the first page of Google will unlikely have a piece of the pie of the wedding videographer revenue.

Not a Sales Person – I also take good notice that the videographer themselves are not salesperson, hence when they are being asked about their videographer services, they will feel extremely uneasy, failed to reply back or even simply ignore the calls! It is something very common in the industry though….LOL. Because of their introvert nature, they are not able to close many cases even though they may have alot of enquiries from the customers.

Passion vs Career – Many wedding videographer they themselves have tremendous passion on videography itself, however as the industry norm to work long hours, at the mercy of the wedding couples, it can be very hectic for the videographer themselves. Hence, usually, they do not last long in the industry and change trade after reaching a threshold point.

Well, if you are a wedding videographer or intending to venture into the industry, you are welcome to comment and feedback on this article, thank you.

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