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What is Qi Men Dun Jia/Qimen/QMDJ.奇门遁甲

Definition & Meanings of Qi Men Dun Jia 奇门遁甲 aks as QMDJ

According to Dougles Chan, Qi Men Dun Jia Grand Master – In simple terms – It is the meaning of the Mystical Door Hiding the Jia.

Qi Men Dun Jia is the top 3 Chinese metaphysics astrology skills along side by side with Da Liu Ren & Tai Yi Shen Shu.

This is not a common metaphysic skills available to the public and to even understanding how it works requires a very skillful master to guide.

Most people, even reading a book or watching Youtube videos about Qi Men Dun Jia, likely will not be able to understand what it is and how powerful it is.

Defining Qi Men Dun Jia/QMDJ

“The definition is ‘Qi’ 奇 which means something mystical.

What is ‘Qi’ 奇 itself? The ‘Qi’ is defined as the three nobles: ‘the number there are,’ the ‘Yi, Bing,’ and ‘Ding.’

‘Men’ 门 is called the ‘door.’

The 8 Doors

There are a total of eight different ‘doors: The eight different ‘doors’ are related to Open Door, Life Door, Rest door, Obstruct door, Injury Door, Death Door, View Door, and Dispute door. Each of these represent a certain energy, a certain relationship, and certain luck.

The Jia 甲

Jia 甲 is the number one emperor of the entire Dynasty. In other history books, it is consider as a General of the Army. The idea is that it is the most important person of the entire group or the dynasty.

The whole structure of this Qi Men Dun Jia 奇门遁甲 here is saying that it is the mystical door hiding the Jia 甲.

That means the Nobles and the Doors are trying to protect the emperor/General from the enemy. (They are trying to protect the Emperor from the ‘Geng’)

The History

Qi Men Dun Jia, aka as Qimen Dunjia (QMDJ) is a 5,000 years old Chinese Metaphysics which usages are divinations (aka as forecasting), bazi destiny, feng shui forecasting and auditing, date selections and Qimen Name Selections.

Application of Qi Men Dun Jia

The usage of Qi Men Dun Jia is vastly very applicable in real life for Business, Career, Health, Wealth, Stock Market, Relationships, marriages and many more. Basically, the applications can be pretty unlimited depending on the skillset of the Qi Men Master.

Many people only believes that is it only a divination tool. Which is not entirely correct.

Students who learn Qi Men Dun Jia will be able to improve their life, career, business, decision making, strategic planning, negotiation, selections of the right life partner, selecting the right business partner, having more friends and more.

How Popular is Qi Men Dun Jia?

Qi Men Dun Jia gets more popular only in the years of 1980-1990 in China and Taiwan where many people rushed to learn this formidable skill. Even in the year of 2024, when you ask 10 people what is Qi Men Dun Jia, 8 people will not know what it is.

The original name is 奇門遁甲 which was later simplified as 奇门遁甲.

It is pronounced as Qi Men Dun Jia. The older version of Qi Men Dun Jia is called “Dun Jia” 遁甲.

For simplicity and in modern society, generally people call it Qimen, or QMDJ.

What really is Qi Men Dun Jia

With references to Wikipedia, Qimen Dunjia is a divination tool from China, which is not 100% accurate, the usage of Qi Men Dun Jia is actually more powerful and diversify than just a divination tool.

Qi Men Dun Jia although is popular in China, in many countries, it is still an uncommon topic to talk about as most do not have access to it due to language barrier.

Even many of the translated information, many of them can be wrong or misleading.

Thou who knows 奇门遁甲 Qi Men Dun Jia and APPLLIES it correctly at the RIGHT Timing will have an unfair advantage in Life, Relationship, Health, Business & Investments.


That is why this powerful tool of Qi Men Dun Jia, during the ancient time, it is a highly guarded secret by the Chinese Dynasty, where the commoners are not able to access to the tool of Qi Men Dun Jia. Commoners who are using this tool or having it will be beheaded and killed.

Qi Men is a Life Compass

To understand what is Qimen, it is a simple and yet powerful tool (A life compass) to allow a person to make better decisions in their life, create better outcome in life.

Modern Qi Men Dun Jia

In the modern days, Qi Men Dun Jia 奇门遁甲 is used to predicate the outcome of the question, understand a person character and life, choosing the RIGHT time to execute a plan or activities and change the Feng Shui of the surrounding to optimized the energy to bring good luck.

Qi Men Dun Jia Feng Shui

In some instant, it also combined Feng Shui to maximize the positive energy for the benefits of the users, families and companies.

Name Selection using Qi Men Dun jia

Qi Men Dun Jia can also be used to select a good name for a person too, however, very few people knows how to use Qi Men Dun Jia for name selections.

In a nutshell, with Qi Men Dun Jia 奇门遁甲, one will be able to enhance the best energy, choosing the right timing, optimize the results and more importantly, forecast the possible results of what is going to happen. Where the accuracies can be as high as 70-90%.

It is like an IMPORTANT COMPASS in life, to show you the best direction to go and maximize the potential for oneself, however, bearing in mind that it is only a COMPASS, things in your life will ONLY work if one do take positive action toward the correct direction.

There is still the element of Heaven, Earth and human factors that will determined the final outcome, where Qi Men Dun Jia uses the space and time for maximum optimum best energy to get a good result.

History of Qi Men Dun Jia

The mythical Yellow Emperor or Huang Di (黃帝)

Once upon a time, around 5000 years ago, there was a Yellow Emperor or Huang Di, who used Qi Men Dun Jia methodology to defeat the invaders, Chi You (蚩尤). According to legend, Chi You was a master of the Yin and Yang arts and could summon wind and rain. It was also said that he had a head as strong as copper and arms as strong as iron, which enabled him to always win battles. Just as the Emperor was about to give in to the enemies, the Goddess of the Nine Heaven (九天玄女) appeared and taught him the knowledge of QiMen. As a result, he defeated the enemy and protected his citizens as a result of this new and valuable idea.

Liu Bowen

Liu Ji (1311 – 1375) or Liu Bowen, a famous military strategist in those time, is believed to help the Ming emperor by using Qi Men Dun Jia to his strategic planning.

Zhuge Liang

Chancellor of Shu Han (181–234; pinyin: Zhuge Liàng) of China during the Three Kingdoms period. He is often recognized as the greatest and most accomplished strategist of his era. He was said to use the technique in Qi Men Dun Jia to win battles.

  • Using straw boats to borrow arrows

Before the Battle of Red Cliffs, Zhuge Liang visited the Wu camp to assist Zhou Yu. Zhou Yu was envious of Zhuge Liang due to his talent. Not only that,  Zhou Yu regards Zhuge Liang as a threat to  Eastern Wu. While Jiang Dong was short of equipment, Zhou Yu forced Zhuge Liang in a short time to make enough 100,000 arrows. Besides wanting to add military equipment, Zhou Yu’s main purpose is to eliminate Zhuge Liang, because Zhou Yu thinks this is impossible. However, Zhuge Liang only needed three days to earn more than 100,000 arrows, scaring Zhou Yu.

To be specific, Zhuge Liang requested 20 large boats, each manned by a few soldiers and filled with straw human-like figures. He directed his troops to beat war drums and shout orders in order to simulate the sound of an attack. The Wei soldiers rushed out to meet the “attack,” but couldn’t see through the fog and fired volleys of arrows at the sound of the drums. Many arrows became stuck in the straw and soon penetrated the straw figures. Hence, he easily completed the task assigned to him by Chu Du.

Zhuge Liang is thought to have been able to do this task because he used his QiMen knowledge to determine the correct time as well as the appropriate direction of river fog.

  • Battle of Red Cliffs (赤壁之戰)

Furthermore, Zhuge Liang’s victory in the Battle of the Red Cliffs has resonated from time immemorial. Many people still wonder how he defeated Cao Cao’s army. To accomplish this only was to use the east wind to launch arrows of fire. However, determining the direction of the east wind is not an easy thing. To do this, Zhuge Liang applied his knowledge of Ky Mon and as a result, he won a resounding victory. Until  today, this victory is still a mystery to many people.

In movies, the usage of Qi Men Dun Jia have been over dramatized and some of the stories are untruth.

Mao Zedong

毛泽东 Máo Zédōng (December 26, 1893 – September 9, 1976) was a Chinese revolutionary, political theorist and communist leader. He led the People’s Republic of China (PRC) from its establishment in 1949 until his death in 1976. Qi Men may have helped him maintain his military power.

It was rumored that Mao actually used Qi Men Dun Jia to win a battle with Kuomintang. In some of the battles, Mao actually dictated the actual timing and direction for the troop to be deployed, which is the signature of Qi Men Dun Jia.

Moreover, many other strategically minded commanders came to understand and use Qi Men when directing their military campaigns. These include Jiang Ziya, Zhang Liang, Liu Bowen, etc.

Qi Men is mentioned in historical accounts and its usage is always shown to give one side or another strategic military superiority. Additionally, it helped the forward-thinking leaders of the past successfully unite China and form the country we know today.

Technical Definition of Qi Men Dun Jia

Technically – Qi Men Dun Jia can be defined as Mystical Door Hiding Jia, where the 8 doors are attempting to hide Jia, where jia is the emperor. Qi Men Dun Jia used the 5 elements theory, Ten Stems, 12 Branches, 8 Doors, 8 Gods, 9 Stars, 9 Palaces, 8 Trigrams, Ying & Yang, Travelling Horse, Emptiness, and a few other special combinations to generate a Qimen Chart to indicate the current and future energy. All the information will be translated into a 9 boxes, which is called the palace. (See below)

A good Qimen master will be able to base on the chart to forecast the present and future of an event, a person, the place, activities, etc.

How Does a Qimen Chart Looks Like

This is a typical Qi Men Dun Jia Chart

Applications for Qimen Dunjia

奇门遁甲 Qi Men Dun Jia is a very respectable and powerful tool that has accuracies (For Master who are proficiency) that will help individuals and organizations to allow them to make better decisions and also craft out a more positive outcome in their life and decisions using strategic approach.

In this video, I will explained the entire scope of what Qimen can really do and help people.

Common Usage of Qi Men Dun Jia:

  1. Predict and forecast the possible outcome of the event and question.
  2. Understand the person character using Qimen Bazi
  3. Choose the best timing to execute an activity to have the best energy chances of winning.
  4. Finding people that can help you.
  5. Choosing the most suitable career and industry to go into
  6. Able to see whether the person is more suitable to be their own boss or work for other people.
  7. Creating better relationship with others

For people who have unlock the power of Qimen in different stages, which can be classified as forecasting, destiny, Feng Shui and timing, they can forecast and understand many things in life and people which ordinary people are not able to see which can change the course of outcome.

They will be able to make better decisions, hire better people, locate the Noble people, brings in more wealth, change the course of results to a certain aspects, brings in more luck, avoid confrontations and potential issues.

If you are interested to know more about Qimen Dunjia, you can check out more articles related to it over here, or check out the videos of Qimen over here.