What is Qimen

What really is Qi Men Dun Jia? (The original name is 奇門遁甲 which was later simplified as 奇门遁甲. It is pronounced as Qi Men Dun Jia).

For simplicity, generally people call it Qimen for easy references.

Accordingly to Wikipedia, Qimen Dunjia is a divination tool from China, which is not 100% accurate, the usage of Qimen Dunjia is actually more powerful and diversify that just a divination tool.

The real power of Qimen Dunjia, which consist of Forecasting, Destiny, Feng Shui and Timing.

The complete scope of qimen is more than just forecasting and the depth of the subject is actually very wide and complex. Powerful and can be very intimidating.

Thou who knows 奇门遁甲 Qi Men Dun Jia and APPLLIES it correctly at the RIGHT Timing will have an unfair advantage in Life, Relationship, Business & Investments.

Dougles Chan – Qimen Dunjia Master Shifu

That is why this powerful tool of Qimen Dunjia, during the ancient time, it is a highly guarded secret by the Chinese Dynasty, where the commoners are not able to access to the tool of Qimen Dunjia. Commoners who are using this tool or having it will be beheaded.

As a whole to understand what is Qimen, it is a simple and yet powerful tool to allow a person to make better decisions in their life, create better outcome and life.

In the modern days, Qi Men Dun Jia 奇门遁甲 is used to predicate the outcome of the question, understand a person character and life, choosing the RIGHT time to execute a plan or activities.

In some instant, it also combined Feng Shui to maximize the positive energy for the benefits of the users, families and companies.

In a nutshell, with Qi Men Dun Jia 奇门遁甲, one will be able to enhance the best energy, choosing the right timing, optimize the results and more importantly, forecast the possible results of what is going to happen.

It is like an IMPORTANT COMPASS in life, to show you the best direction to go and maximize the potential for oneself, however, bearing in mind that it is only a COMPASS, things in your life will ONLY work if one do take positive action toward the correct direction.

There is still the element of Heaven, Earth and People that will determined the final outcome.

Applications for Qimen Dunjia

奇门遁甲 Qi Men Dun Jia is a very respectable and powerful tool that has accuracies (For Master who are proficiency) that will help individuals and organizations to allow them to make better decisions and also craft out a more positive outcome in their life and decisions using strategic approach.

Some of the applications of Qimen:

  1. Predict and forecast the possible outcome of the event and question.
  2. Understand the person character using Qimen Bazi
  3. Choose the best timing to execute an activity to have the best energy chances of winning.
  4. Finding people that can help you.
  5. Choosing the most suitable career and industry to go into
  6. Able to see whether the person is more suitable to be their own boss or work for other people.
  7. Creating better relationship with others

For people who have unlock the power of Qimen in different stages, which can be classified as forecasting, destiny, Feng Shui and timing, they can forecast and understand many things in life and people which ordinary people are not able to see which can change the course of outcome.

They will be able to make better decisions, hire better people, locate the Noble people, brings in more wealth, change the course of results to a certain aspects, brings in more luck, avoid confrontations and potential issues.

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