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If you’re here, you’re probably a bride/groom-to-be researching on wedding photography options in Singapore. 

I’m Mathias, head photographer of Yipmage Moments. My team and I specialize in shooting pre wedding photography and actual day wedding photography with 1 philosophy in mind, Capture True Emotions, Document Real Weddings. You can engage the best wedding photography company for your wedding and get posey Insta-worthy photos but if they can’t help you be yourself during the shoot, its gonna be a staged wedding instead of a real wedding.

Yipmage Moments… We don’t want that.We understand that not all couples are used to having a camera pointed at them while being themselves. That’s why people engage us wedding photographers, to guide them throughout this photoshoot process, allowing the couple to be their truest selves, being comfortable in their own skin such that they can show happiness and joy in their own way. 

Of course every couple is different, and it is important for you to know that we do not mould any couples to fit a certain style. We capture every couple for who they are. Extrovert couples, shy couples, adventurous couples, forbids-all-cringe-poses couples, ANY couples, we would love to capture true emotions for you, so long as both of you allow us to!

It is also important to enjoy the wedding photoshoot process as it’s not only the photos that matters, the experience of creating those images are equally as important as well. Wedding photography in Singapore has evolved too much commercially to the point that it has lost its purpose of capturing true emotions, we want to bring that back for you.

Take your time to view these timeless moments with more emotions than just your eyes.

These moments are more than just beautiful photos, feel what we felt when we were there with them.

Check them out at https://yipmagemoments.com/

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