yunomori onsen singapore reviews, location & photos

Address  :  Kallang Wave Mall 1 Stadium Place, #02-17 Singapore

Website               :

Phone                   :  +65 6386 4126 / +65 6385 7985

E-mail                    : (General Enquiries)

                          (Sales Enquiries)

Reviews               :  1.         Robin Blixt

Bliss! Clean, good heat in the dry and steam saunas and cold enough plunge to have a proper hot/cold session. Smaller and less atmospheric than the Bangkok one but still great and worth a visit and then plenty of re-visits!

2.        Colin Chan

A clean and modern spa facility providing a wide variety of amenities and services for your relaxing needs.

For the majority visiting for spa-based services, every customer is treated specifically with care – providing options of customised treatment in accordance with your needs and preferred area(s) of focus. Staff were friendly and empathetic too.

I have to say my first visit was very therapeutic, with the ambience not too overbearing and just right for a relaxing session.

3.        Simon Chung

Immerse yourself inside a Japanese cleaning and relaxation culture whereby you dip yourself into hot n cold spa, Jacuzzi, steam and sauna. What lack is the space for resting as it could jolly well gets too crowd and limited sofa. There is no exercise area. However the spa is pretty amazing but be prepare to strip yourself naked. Male and female are separate in area so there is no hanky panky, the other area are shared usage, resting and food area. Pay an entrance fee to enjoy your “onsen” now.

4.        Hui Leng choo

very relaxing place for de-stressing, can while the whole day away here, main counter service is so-so, the dressing room girls are better, must come here if you love hot springs.

5.        Sarah Bowman

Fabulous experience – next time I will plan to stay longer. Great massage, the onsen experience is very good, and the cafe is lovely. Great facilities. Loved it.

6.        Nick Kole

Love the atmosphere, love the food, love the onsen tubs variation! By far the most affordable and worthy experience thus far. If you are looking for a quick treat for yourself and doesn’t want to spend much money, this is the best place! There is even a quiet lounge with comfy sofa beds to lay on and have some quiet time!

7.        Alexander Bahlk

            A lot of baths to relax (super hot to very cold). As a couple you have to relax separately.

8.        kelly chua

            Great experience here. Staffs are friendly. Will come back again!

9.        Zenson Lim

            Been here for about 5 times and I’m glad to say I was never disappointed. Staff are friendly and welcoming, ambience is great. The Onsen pools are relaxing and at a comfortable temperature. Though I do miss the milk candies & tea that they provided for the customers during their first few weeks when they started. It is recommended to call before going down as at times some pools are down for maintenance but it’s not revealed in their website. Overall a good spend of time and money!

10.      Chun Keong

            A good place to chill and relax. Go in the late morning and enjoy the baths before having their affordable and delicious lunch. After which you can have a rest at the resting room before heading back into the baths for another round of enjoyment. The price is reasonable considering that you can spend a whole day there.

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