Dougles Chan – Entrepreneur Shifu (创业师傅) 


Dougles Chan, the Entrepreneur  Shifu, with over 25 years of hands-on experience in business creation, running and managing over 20 companies in Singapore and Asia. Expert level in managing companies, marketing, recruitment, executive search, digital marketing, search engine optimization, Google Adwords, Facebook marketing. 

Career Summary 

  • Started to learn business and marketing at the age of 15
  • Start his first official business at the age of 22
  • Make US$100,000 within 3 months from his first business
  • Within 6 months of his first business, expanded the business to Malaysia
  • Subsequently setup private limited companies in various industries in investment, membership, business clubs, real estate investments, marketing, website designing, SEO services, Adword marketing, Social media marketing and others.
  • Make 1st million within 30 years only 
  • Currently heading the following companies in various departments 
    • Scotts Digital 
    • 10X Digital Marketing Pte Ltd
    • PC Dreams Technology Pte Ltd 
    • PC Dreams Pte Ltd
    • Laptop General Hospital Pte Ltd 
    • The Laptop specialist Pte Ltd
    • Your Laptop specialist Pte Ltd
    • Digital Hospital – Bugis
    • Laptop Factory Outlet – Sim Lim Square
    • PC Dreams Outlet – Sim Lim Square
    • DR Geek Singapore

Specifically the clients that he serviced in digital marketing services,training and consulting includes PC Dreams, Digital Hospital, SAP authorized Gold Reseller – Alenu IT, award winning recruitment agency, Recruitplus Consulting Pte Ltd, international recruitment agencies with over 15 branches worldwide – Temp Team Pte LtdErik Dyrmann Juhler, AI Chatbot Expert – QAVAR, major restaurants such as Jin Shan Lou, Royal Pavilion, Angelina ParisMichelin star – Beni and many others. 

You can connect with Dougles Chan at Facebook or LinkedinTwitterInstagram or contact him on the enquiry form.