Kidney issue, should he go to another hospital? Qi Men Dun Jia Divination

Welcome to Qi Men Dun Jia. My name is Dougles Chan. I am a Qi Men teacher. I teach people how to do Qi Men Dun Jia internationally, do one-to-one coaching and group coaching also.

Today’s case study we are going to talk about is a client who had a kidney issue. Apparently, he wants to go to another hospital because the current one is not helping him much. So, the question is whether he can go to the next hospital of which he has a choice.

In this case study regarding this clinic issue, we will have to look at the answer, which is actually based on the Hour stem:

This Hour stem is “Jia – Wu”, meaning that this is “Xin”. “Xin” is in box number 7:

So, box number 7 is the answer. But having said that, we also have to look at the overall situation and see whether we are able to find any more verification related to the answer.

And the answer is based on box number 7. We have “Destroyer” and “Dispute” in box number 7. Generally speaking, although there is a “Leader” beside him, the overall effect is not so great. There will be some obstacles in front and there will be certain things that are not so great that they will happen anyhow.

In this kidney situation, it is related to health. So, we need to find a useful God. The useful God in this health is called “Problem”. You have to find the symbol under the name of “Problem”, which is in box number 2:

So, box number 2 tells us the overall situation of health. In health, there are a lot of worries, and there is death. In this context, we can be sure that at least in the treatment of this particular kidney, he is not getting the right solution. And of course, “Gui” in box number 2 is also Water. Water means the kidney problem is directly telling us the clinic and issue.”Horse” just beside tells us that it is not a very stable situation under his condition. Hence, there could be a possibility that this person might die because of this kidney issue.

Next, we need to go and find where the person asking is. The asker is a person who has a kidney issue. The asker is actually in Day stem:

The symbol is “Bing”, which is in box number 3:

So, box number 3 is the asker. In the relationship of the 5 elements, we need to see whether it is a clash or whether it is producing. In box number 3, we have Wood. And box number 2 is Earth. That means box number 3 is clashing with box number 2 which is health. We can safely deduce that the “Bing” person (asker who has a kidney issue) is directly or indirectly creating the issue of his own kidney. We may have to see his daily activity. What he is eating or what he is doing is causing his kidney to have this situation.

The main cause is likelihood himself. If you see the “Bing” which is in box number 3, there is “Impulsive”, “Injury”, and “White Tiger”. It is possible that he is a very aggressive and impulsive person. This “Bing” stands for Fire. Eventually, there are a lot of injuries that are created by his activity that led to his kidney issue. So, he clashed with this problem.

Apparently, you can see the result which is in box number 7: We have “Destroyer” with “Dispute”

Next, look at the whole chart, it is a Fuyin chart. Fuyin chart is something that all the symbols top and bottom are all the same.

It means this situation is going to be painful and long. You have to be very careful about this Fuyin chart because anything that you see from this chart, we do not recommend for people to go into it. So, the Fuyin chart is related to his health.

In this case, regardless of the answer to what we saw before, when we have a Fuyin chart, it overlaps with any situation. That means, whether it is a good sign or a bad sign, the Fuyin chart will take over everything in this definition. So in this case, it tells us that it is going to be painful and long. Even if he wants to go to the next hospital, it will not be any good. So, in this case, it is more or less that we do not recommend this person go into the hospital that he wants to go to.

That is all for the case study for this kidney issue related to health in Qi Men Dun Jia. Thanks for reading.