Lazuli Lapis Meaning, Healing Properties & their Benefits


Lapis lazuli is a very precious gemstone that literally translates to ‘blue stone’. It is mostly used in jewelry and intricate carvings throughout the world. It is most suited with gold and silver metals and said to have originated in the Taurus and Sagittarius zodiac. The gem is considered to be the birthstone of those who are born between September to December.

It is believed that if people want to improve their intra- and inter-personal skills, self-expression and knowledge, they should wear lapis lazuli for a long time to see tangible results. Traditionally, the stone has been associated with the quality of ‘loyalty’ across generations and borders. This article provides three major segments where this gem has immaculate significance: historical, spiritual and medical.

Historical Significance of Lapis Lazuli

Lapis lazuli dates back to great ancient civilizations like Mesopotamia and the Indus Valley. It is believed to have shamanic healing powers, and historians tell us that it was a fan-favorite of the royalty as well as the Gods of the time, by virtue of multiple excavations in different archeological sites and supplementary scientific research.

For centuries on end, Afghanistan has been the most important source of high-quality lapis lazuli and even back then, trade relations between clans and civilizations were highly influenced by this precious stone. Various artefacts made from lapis lazuli like seals, ornaments, studded mirrors, pigmentation for art, etc. have been found in Asia, Africa and Europe, signifying how diverse cultures and religions considered it to be of importance.

Lazuli lapis meaning

Understanding lazuli lapis meaning is something that we aim to achieve through this section of the blog article. The name of the stone, lapis lazuli, comes from the Latin word lapis, which means stone. The second word, lazuli, comes from the Persian word Lazhward, which means blue.

The word lapis lazuli is also used in several other languages worldwide, owing to its relevance in the spiritual and psychic world. Lapis Lazuli was mined in the Sar-i Sang mines in Shortugai and found in Bhirrana, which is the oldest site of Indus Valley Civilisation dated to 7570 BCE and being valued from that time by the community.

This stone was declared to be one of the oldest and most opaque gemstones in the history of civilization.

The stone was also used as one of the finest stones in the art for a long time in advanced civilizations. This means that the stone was used as a means of art and decoration in the Egyptian civilization. It was also beloved in the civilizations of the Babylonians, Minoans, Chinese, Greeks, and up to the Romans.

The stone was also used in the mask that covered the pharaoh’s face, King Tutankhamen, when he was laid inside his tomb in Egypt. Lapis lazuli is a rock that is a combination of many different types of minerals. These minerals are calcite, lazurite, pyrite, diopside, and more.

The lazuli lapis meaning has become so popular over the centuries because of its mystical appearance and energies that are so compelling in the life of the person that wears this stone. The stone is also widely used by healers who use faith to improve the lives of individuals.

The stone is considered to have had a profound influence over the field of faith healing because of its magical powers. It has been proven to have a very calming influence on your senses once you use it correctly. Some regular users of the stone had also reported that they felt a heightening of the senses when they used the stone correctly and passionately.

What is lapis lazuli?

If you chanced upon this blog while surfing through the internet, there is a high chance that you have this question on your mind, “What is lapis lazuli?”. Lazuli Lapis is a blue stone. In fact, the term ‘lazuli lapis’ itself literally translates to ‘bluestone.’ It is a luxurious and very deep blue stone that is used as a semi-precious stone in jewelry and other aspects.

This semi-precious stone is used in jewelry for its deep colors and the addition of deep blue lazurite, sparkly pyrite, cloudy white calcite, and other minerals, the amalgamation of which makes this stone so beautiful. The stone is also supposed to have powers that prevent the wearer from all sorts of different psychic attacks and bring deep peace to the soul.

The stone also has powers that bring self-awareness, honesty, compassion, and powers of expression to the person who wears the lapis lazuli. Because of the intense healing powers that this stone has, lapis lazuli is also known as The Wisdom Stone around the world. Being so rare and beautiful, this blue stone called lapis lazuli was also coveted by pharaohs back in ancient Egypt.

The lapis lazuli crystal also has the powers and the ability to welcome peace and knowledge into the life of the wearer. Wisdom, spiritual wonder, and peace are some things that the lapis lazuli crystal is known for. Hence, with this section, we hope to have answered the question, “What is lapis lazuli?” for you.

Lapis lazuli properties

Lapis lazuli is considered to be a blue stone that has a powerful combination of magical powers. The intense blue stone is believed to give enlightenment to whoever wears it in their jewelry. It is used to open minds and bring a sense of inner calm to the person. Virtues like self-awareness, self-confidence, self-knowledge, peace, and harmony are some of the benefits that are brought by lapis lazuli.

Lapis lazuli properties are used to make the wearer fall into a good mood most of the time and soothe inflammation, both in the mind and anywhere in the body. The lapis lazuli stone is so powerful that it helps to clear the throat and thyroid of the person wearing it while clearing their voice and curing sore throats.

Are you wondering which lapis lazuli properties can help you benefit the most? There are a lot of benefits that come from wearing the lapis lazuli stone in your jewelry. The stone has the ability to boost your immune system, soothe inflammation, soothe the sore throat, and reduce insomnia. The stone also helps people overcome mental conditions like anxiety and depression, and also vertigo.

This is a stone that is also very helpful for intellectual analysis, for people who have to use their brains and analytical minds a lot during the day. Problem-solving skills are also enhanced when people wear this stone for a long time and make it a part of their everyday jewelry.

The stone can also boost brainpower, increasing your ability to hold conflicting thoughts in your mind for a long time while you think about them. Enhancement of intellectual abilities and sharpening of memory are some of the best benefits of the lapis lazuli stone. From history to the modern period in which we are living, it is these benefits of the stone that has made it so popular.

Lapis lazuli benefits

Lapis lazuli benefits are widespread and everlasting. The healing crystal is said to relieve negative thoughts and reduce anger in everyday life. For people who suffer from a lot of emotional breakdowns and panic attacks, this stone can become one of the best things in their life. It is a stone that brings utmost protection against their anxieties and insecurities, making them better and more well-rounded individuals in the process.

The stone brings clarity to life and restores objectivity to one’s life and soul. The stone also brings some balance to the feminine and masculine aspects of your personality, making your personality buzz with all the right qualities.

This is a stone of royalty and richness, often worn by the elitist people in civilizations of the past. Hence, when you wear this stone, you can expect to have a lot of those qualities imbibed into your personality as well.

The lapis lazuli benefits are not just limited to emotional healing. The emotional healing that is offered by this stone can let your life generate achievable goals and the determination to go with them.

The stone also has healing properties that can help to wash out all the negativity that you might be harboring from the traumatic experiences in your life. The lapis lazuli stone has the ability to strengthen the mind and motivate you to be more active in all aspects of your life: this might be work, career, or your life in general.

Lapis lazuli has the magical powers that are required to transform and make all of these aspects of your life better than they were before.

Lapis lazuli properties healing

Lapis lazuli properties healing can be categorized into several different categories. These categories are the mind, body, and spirit. Because of the stone’s connection to heavenly properties and its connection to ancient civilizations from history, the stone has garnered enough energies to produce positive vibrations in the mind of the wearer.

The influence that the stone can have on the life of the person wearing it brings more intelligence, success, and stillness inside the person. It also makes the person more aware of themselves. These properties set themselves as a standard in the person’s life which in turn help the person to become a better version of themselves every single day.

The stone, which is also known as the Wisdom Keeper, works to synchronize the energies of the mind, body, and soul into one rhythm. It has the power to unveil wisdom and enhance the connection between the person’s outer strength and inner strength.

Wearing the stone in your jewelry is also a surefire way of clearing your mind of all the clutter that it has been harboring for so many years. The openness, tranquility, and confidence that comes with the wearing of this stone work every single moment to dispel the negative thoughts that are brought by different experiences in your life.

Lapis lazuli has the power to bring unparalleled influence into your life by making sweeping changes to your mindset and health.

Lapis lazuli properties healing also has the ability to bring sweeping changes to your life in terms of your physical body. The stone works through its magical powers to connect your heart and mind, and body in a synchronous rhythm, forcing them to work coherently and manage your emotions well.

Managing your emotions in your everyday life and directing them towards your goals and determinations is something that the intense blue stone does. The stone has enough powers to bring about a change in the structure and health of your body. It brings about good things for your skin issues, respiratory problems, and nervous system.

The stone also has the ability to cure Asperger’s syndrome, autism, and attention-deficit disorders. The stone has enough capabilities that it can radically change and boost your immune system. It cleans the organs, the thymus, and the bone marrow of your body. Wearing the stone is also a wonderful treatment for women suffering from menstrual difficulties, cramps, dysmenorrhea, stiffness, and lumbago.

Lapis lazuli healing properties

Lapis lazuli’s healing properties are plenty in this blue crystal. This stone is overall a very powerful stone in terms of its healing properties. The stone has the power to connect your mind, body, and spirit to your heavenly powers.

The merging of the divine power from the heavens with your soul will occur by means of this intense blue stone called lapis lazuli. Lapis lazuli is predominantly known around the world for its extensively concentrated powers on the life of the individual that wears it. The stone has the power to transform your life by means of confidence and authenticity.

The stone will speak out to you and your soul once you have spent enough time with it. It has powers that you can’t help but notice in your life. Positive changes everywhere and an improvement in your overall disposition is an effect of this lapis lazuli stone on your life. This stone has its ways of making you utterly fearless with respect to whatever it is that brings you down in life. Throughout the journey of your life, you can rely on the powers of this stone to give you the energy to fulfill all your dreams.

With a deep shade of blue color, the stone brings a brown or golden fleck to your dark atmosphere. The lapis lazuli healing properties are potent no matter where you wear it in your body.

However, the experts in this field do recommend some places that have the most powerful effect on your body. This means that the benefits of wearing lapis lazuli are more pronounced in the upper part of the body. This is true, especially when the stone is worn with earrings and necklaces.

The self-confidence that comes with wearing the stone on the upper body reminds you of the authenticity of your soul and your mind all day.

The stone has numerous benefits for your home as well. This is not only due to its healing properties. This is because feng shui and lapis lazuli coordinate beautifully when this stone is placed inside the house.

Accessories like the lapis lazuli can bring a flood of positive energy into your house. Production of peace and harmony in the house is one of essential functions of the lapis lazuli stone.

Spiritual Significance of Lapis Lazuli

Even in contemporary times, this gem is considered to be of a special stature in various spiritual practices. For instance, it is particularly important in feng shui wherein it becomes the most preferred indicator of wealth and abundance when sprinkled with gold freckles. Among other spiritual benefits associated, lapis lazuli is said to:

  1. Increase inner-power, meditational effects and positive energies within a person
  2. Inculcate a greater understanding of mental and emotional strength
  3. Be extremely useful as a coping and recovery mechanism from pain, grief and trauma
  4. Help people concentrate and relax their minds by inducing calmness
  5. Attract wealth and fame
  6. Help people with being more honest, loyal and creative in their lives
  7. Act as a very strong agent against psychic attacks
  8. Secure an environment when placed in the corners of one’s home or office spaces
  9. Awaken the sensory nerves of the brain and allow it for a higher consciousness.

Medical Benefits of Lapis Lazuli

Lapis lazuli has proved to be a very helpful stone even in the field of medicine. The immunity system of the human body gets boosted when the stone is used effectively, thereby reducing the risk of serious diseases such as cancer, seizures, sleep disorders and migraines.

Through various studies, it has been proven that lapis lazuli also acts as a purifier for organs and bone marrow as well as most of the essential systems in our bodies: nervous and respiratory.

Doctors and other medical experts swear by the advantages of using lapis lazuli to treat disorders like autism, epilepsy, splenic diseases and depression. Due to the aforementioned properties of this ancient stone, it is also considered to be good for RNA/DNA damage.


There are numerous other benefits of this versatile stone. To read more, visit our profile today and get motivated to use the gem as a piece of jewelry of your choice and avail all the multifaceted good things it has to offer!