Lazuli Lapis Meaning, Healing Properties & their Benefits


Lapis lazuli is a very precious gemstone that literally translates to ‘blue stone’. It is mostly used in jewelry and intricate carvings throughout the world. It is most suited with gold and silver metals and said to have originated in the Taurus and Sagittarius zodiac. The gem is considered to be the birthstone of those who are born between September to December. It is believed that if people want to improve their intra- and inter-personal skills, self-expression and knowledge, they should wear lapis lazuli for a long time to see tangible results. Traditionally, the stone has been associated with the quality of ‘loyalty’ across generations and borders. This article provides three major segments where this gem has immaculate significance: historical, spiritual and medical.


Lapis lazuli dates back to great ancient civilizations like Mesopotamia and the Indus Valley. It is believed to have shamanic healing powers, and historians tell us that it was a fan-favorite of the royalty as well as the Gods of the time, by virtue of multiple excavations in different archeological sites and supplementary scientific research. For centuries on end, Afghanistan has been the most important source of high-quality lapis lazuli and even back then, trade relations between clans and civilizations were highly influenced by this precious stone. Various artefacts made from lapis lazuli like seals, ornaments, studded mirrors, pigmentation for art, etc. have been found in Asia, Africa and Europe, signifying how diverse cultures and religions considered it to be of importance.


Even in contemporary times, this gem is considered to be of a special stature in various spiritual practices. For instance, it is particularly important in feng shui wherein it becomes the most preferred indicator of wealth and abundance when sprinkled with gold freckles. Among other spiritual benefits associated, lapis lazuli is said to:

  1. Increase inner-power, meditational effects and positive energies within a person
  2. Inculcate a greater understanding of mental and emotional strength
  3. Be extremely useful as a coping and recovery mechanism from pain, grief and trauma
  4. Help people concentrate and relax their minds by inducing calmness
  5. Attract wealth and fame
  6. Help people with being more honest, loyal and creative in their lives
  7. Act as a very strong agent against psychic attacks
  8. Secure an environment when placed in the corners of one’s home or office spaces
  9. Awaken the sensory nerves of the brain and allow it for a higher consciousness.


Lapis lazuli has proved to be a very helpful stone even in the field of medicine. The immunity system of the human body gets boosted when the stone is used effectively, thereby reducing the risk of serious diseases such as cancer, seizures, sleep disorders and migraines. Through various studies, it has been proven that lapis lazuli also acts as a purifier for organs and bone marrow as well as most of the essential systems in our bodies: nervous and respiratory. Doctors and other medical experts swear by the advantages of using lapis lazuli to treat disorders like autism, epilepsy, splenic diseases and depression. Due to the aforementioned properties of this ancient stone, it is also considered to be good for RNA/DNA damage.


There are numerous other benefits of this versatile stone. To read more, visit our profile today and get motivated to use the gem as a piece of jewelry of your choice and avail all the multifaceted good things it has to offer!

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