Business partnership to sell online clothes – Use Qimen Dunjia Divination to check

Business partnership to sell online clothes – Use Qimen Dunjia Divination to check

Someone you met in a business workshop approached you to do a business partnership together to sell online clothes, she said she got very good suppliers that are able to provide good quality and cheap clothes, and each of them can make about US$30-80 profits and the cost per cloth is about US$15-20. She mentioned that her capital is limited so she is looking for partner to come together. The asking amount is US$20,000, which will be used for website building, marketing, and buying of stocks. Should you go for this and explain why and what you can see from the chart.

Answer: Locate in HR Stem –  Gui (Box 7). Dispute can means arguments. Partner means multiple parties. Business partners, partners who helps to do website, marketing, branding, etc. Advisor means someone who is good in certain things, an expert, consultant.

Asker – Xin in Day Stem – You are currently in a relax mood, enjoy life. (Rest Door) Problem Star-  Stubborn, easy going, humble, like to dream, slow in reaction. Good communication skill, quick witted and intelligent. Someone who is very prideful, and cannot lose face. (Black Tortoise), the nature of black tortoise is someone who will attract people who would like to cheat them in terms of money. Take note that there is a Geng below.

Profits – In this case, is a business situation, we will look at Life door located in box 8. With reference to box 8 Gen (Mountain) the profits can be limited and further enhanced by the 9earth that represents low profits. A destroyer in the profit does not spells anything promising, so with limited profits and a destroyer, the risk seems to be big. Compared to the suggested profits that looks high by the proposal person, it does not seems to be the case.

Partnership – Box 7 – Potential argument (Dispute) in the partnership, with a Gui beside, muddy water, the deal does not seems to be so simple as proposed.

Money (Wu) – In box 9, with a “o” indicating the asker got no money

Black Tortoise, this unlucky symbol is together with the asker, telling us that the asker could be losing some money in this case, so it is a warning sign.

Bandit – Pretty far away, not necessary to take references.

Element relationships

Limited profits in the box of 8 (Earth) clash with the asker (Water), not a good sign.

Money (Wu), box 9 also being clash by Box 1 (Asker), so not so easy to have money.

Partnership (Metal) at box 7 is producing the asker at box 1, so it should be benefiting the asker as a whole. However, not necessary in terms of profits.


Part 1 – If the asker is able to look at the details of the deal more carefully, she will be able to see that the deal may not be so lucrative as it is mentioned, hence if she is really interested, can go further as have more discussions and understand the details before going into this deal. This will helps to reduce the possible of dispute in the partnership.

Part 2 – Also, we need to take into consideration whether the asker really have money. If not, the deal is not necessary to even discuss about it.

Part 3 – Profitable of the business, it looks like it is a marginal profitable business, question is, is it worth it, very much depending on how much the asker thinks it is enough for the person. Remember that since it is a partnership, the marginal profits will still need to be divided. Hence the deal itself may not be marking money after all the expenses, which is indicated by the Black Tortoise.

Final verdict, not very recommended to go ahead.