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Understanding Yin & Yang & 8 Trigrams

The Eight Trigrams Fundamentals

Wu Ji (无极) is described as Emptiness, Formless, Limitless, the Primordial and also the creation of perception. This is Wu Ji giving rise to Tai Ji (无极生太极).

From perception comes the recognition and differentiation of Yin and Yang, giving rise to Liang Yi. Next, Liang Yi gives rise to Yang Yi (represented by one full line (⚊)) and Yin Yi (represented by a broken line (⚋) ). 

From the interaction and union of Yin Yang comes Si Xiang, giving rise to the four seasons, the four cardinal directions and the four phenomena of Greater Yang (⚌), Lesser Yin (⚍), Lesser Yang (⚎) and Greater Yin (⚏).

Continuing the interaction and union of Yin Yang comes the Eight Trigrams, giving rise to the eight directions and vast myriad phenomena of Nature. Greater Yang gives rise to Qian Trigram (乾卦 ☰) and Dui Trigram (兑卦 ☱). Lesser Yin gives rise to Li Trigram (离卦 ☲) and Zhen Trigram (震卦 ☳). Lesser Yang gives rise to Xun Trigram (巽卦 ☴) and Kan Trigram (坎卦 ☵). Greater Yin gives rise to Gen Trigram (艮卦 ☶) and Kun Trigram (坤卦 ☷). This is Si Xiang giving rise to Eight Trigrams  (四象生八卦)).

Eight Trigrams Association:

Earth2YellowBlackMother, step-mother, farmer, villager, people/crowd, old lady and big bellied/portly people
Earth8YellowYoungest son, young kids, people living in thejungle, a hermit or a person who has lots of free time
Water1BlackBlueMiddle son, people who work by the sea/river/lake etc. For example: fisherman, sailor, pirates
Wood4GreenJade greenEldest daughter, widow, monk
Wood3Dark green Jade greenEldest son
Fire9RePurpleMiddle daughter, writers, portly people, peoplewith eye disease, peopl with armor (army)
Metal7WhiteYoungest daughter, mistress, singer, actor, translator, wizard, slave/chamber maid/servant
Metal6GoldSilverWhiteThe emperor, father, adult, old people, senior person, famous person, emperor’s servant, government officer and civil servants, boss, leader, chairman
Body partSicknessAnimal
Abdomen, spleen, flesh, stomachAbdominal disease, stomach disease, poorappetite, indigestionCow, all animals, stallion
Finger, bone, nose, back, back boneDisease related to the fingers/toes and stomachTiger, dog, rats and rodents
Ear, blood, kidneyEar disease, heart disease, infection, kidney and stomach problems, diarrheaPig, fish, aquatic animal
Upper arms, thighsThigh problems, excessive flatulence or diseaserelated to gas/wind, intestinal disease, strokeChicken, all animals, insects in the jungle, snake
Foot, liver, hair, vocal folds/cordsFoot disease, liver disease, excessive worry/anxiety and shockDragon, snake, insect
Eye, heart, the back of the bodyEye disease, heart disease, part of body from tongue to stomach,divination of this Gua in Summer indicatessuffering from heatstroke or infectious diseaseWild chicken, tortoise, shelled animals,crustaceans, crab
Tongue, mouth, throat, lung, phlegm, salivaMouth or tongue disease, throat disease, respiratory disease, lack of appetiteAnimals that live in a swamp
Head, bone, lungHead/Brain related disease, lung disease, muscle and bone disease, part of body from tongue to stomach, divination of this Gua in Summer indicates worriesHorse, swan, lion, elephant or other large animals

9 Palaces

The final 8 symbols are derived from YIN and YANG and become the 8 Trigrams.

The 8 Trigrams symbols are placed inside the 9 boxes. Technically, the 9 boxes are called the 9 palaces. The center box is always empty. Each Box represents the BIG ENVIRONMENT.

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