Good marriage? Bad marriage? It is all in your hand

Good marriage? Bad marriage? It is all in your hand..Some time ago, a lady approached me and ask about her marriage, I read her Bazi chart and realized that she will have problems with her marriage and she also mentioned that it is very rocky.

In normal situation, most Masters will said that her fate is fixed, the marriage cannot be saved. However, I did it differently, asking her, do you want to change it? I asked…

She reply, How to do so?

I looked at the Bazi Chart again (Using Qimen Chart) and advises her to change some of her character and personality that she is having that is “destroying” the marriage.

She agreed to it and after 3 months, she told me that her marriage life and relationship with the husband is getting much better and stable….Moral of the story, many times, a good marriage, it needs to be molded, it needs to be taken care of, you cannot just get married and hope that everything is okay.

It does not work that way…

It is all in YOUR hands.