Types of Healing Crystals and Their Meanings


Introductions to the Types of Healing Crystals

The setbacks brought about by the covid-19 pandemic since last year trigger a desperate need for anything that offer balance. You have probably seen the sudden inclination of people towards gardening after a lockdown is announced. Some people make a living out of plants of different varieties, simple and rare alike. Others are nearing the borderline of hoarding. The world seemed to be out of balance when the pandemic hits. Travels are cancelled, work and classes are done at home, bars and disco pubs are closed. Even your favorite restaurants are restricted to operate like the usual. Because of this sudden shift of balance, we rush to anything that offers an attempt to restore it.

What else can offer us balance at this time?

There is a recent uptick among adults involving complementary and alternative medicine. This includes among others yoga, acupuncture, tai chi, and crystal therapy.Crystals. You probably heard about healing crystals more than once in your life. When topics about health and healing are brought up, you must have overheard someone suggesting the wearing of crystals or incorporating crystals in homes. You must have seen a colleague or friend wearing crystals. While crystals make for a great accessory, they also offer great benefits such as healing.

Like vitamins, you take the healing crystal that suits you best. There is a wide selection of crystals from A – Z that carry different symbols, meanings, and healing properties. Whether it is about love, health, or healing that you need, crystals are there to help you achieve a sense of balance.

The use of crystals for healing is not a myth. History records that it has been used by the Chinese as a form of ancient medicine. While there is no scientific evidence to back upthose crystalstruly heal, people who believe and wear them would say otherwise. Below are fifteen types of healing crystals and their meaning that are popular for their healing properties. May this serve as your guide if you are planning to get a crystal for yourself or your loved one.

Citrine Crystal

Citrine Crystal Meaning and Properties

Citrine comes from the French word citron which means lemon. It is a yellow variety of Quartz. It appears transparent and its color ranges from pale to golden yellow. When light reflects on citrine crystals, they sparkle with rainbow colors. Citrine crystals are referred to as happy crystals or the crystal of happiness. These are used as manifestation crystals to encourage positivity and gratitude.

Citrine Crystal Healing Properties

Citrine crystals are great manifestation crystals. If you are aiming for a goal, this is the crystal for you. It encourages you to follow your dreams and to stay positive while you turn them into reality. To unlock the healing properties of citrine, you need to find a quiet place where you can be one with yourself and the ground. It is advised to take off your shoes to establish connection with the earth element. You do not need a bracelet for citrine crystals to work. You only need one crystal to hold and place at your navel while you meditate and visualize your dreams and aspirations in life. Once you are finished, thank your citrine crystal silently.

Benefits of Citrine Crystals          

Citrine crystal is a happiness crystal. To have one in your pocket or bag wherever you may go is a great reminder to be thankful for opportunities big and small. Citrine crystals help you focus on your dreams and aspirations. It makes you grounded and keep a positive outlook on life. The warmth of its color offers a new hope for anyone who feels down.

When anxiety or depression attacks, it is best to keep citrine crystals in your pocket. You may also hold on to them until at least your breathing returns to normal. Adventurous people like those who love to travel are often seen wearing bracelets made of citrine crystals. If you feel happy, might as well keep feeling happy every day, right?

Rose Quartz

Rose Quartz Meaning and Properties

The name rose quartz comes from the Greek word, hyalos which means “glass.” Rose quartz is an easy favorite by many jewelers and enthusiasts because it symbolizes unconditional love. In Greek mythology, it has been said that the pink color of rose quartz crystals is the bloodstain of the goddess Aphrodite. The goddess of love is said to injure herself while saving the love of her life, Adonis. Love and hope have since then attached to the rose quartz meaning.

The use of rose quartz was recorded to date back as early as 7000 BC. It is an integral part of the arts and craft of the Assyrians. The Assyrians were also found to be the first to use the rose quarts healing properties in their daily lives.

Rose quartz crystal carry a light pink color. Unlike Citrine which sometimes spark a rainbow color when reflected with light, rose quartz is always even.

Rose Quartz Healing Properties

Rose Quartz crystals are considered as the Heart Stone. The most popular rose quartz healing property ever known for is its ability to enhance relationships among family members, couples, and friends. Its powerful vibrations draw families together and unite couples in love. The rose quartz color which is light pink symbolizes calmness of the heart, gentleness in character, and kindness of the soul. It is no wonder why rose quartz crystals are one of the most sought crystal across the globe.

It is also known that rose quartz heals all wounds of the heart. It aids in restoring broken relations. It nourishes the love shared between couples and among family members.

Benefits of Rose Quartz

Among the greatest benefits of rose quarts is the calm vibe it relays to the person holding them. Because it also a beautiful colored crystal, it enhances the beauty of the wearer. It helps you radiate an amiable aura. The presence of a rose quartz crystal in your home or work area encourages harmony and unity.

Rose quartz healing benefits include the suppression of negative emotions. It is important especially in a workplace where disagreements among colleagues often occur. Consequently, because of this rose quartz healing property, you get to maintain a calm and healthy heart and mind. When you are equipped with a calm mind and heart, it sends a good vibration to the entire body to stay in love and happy. You are also encouraged to focus on what truly matters and avoid unnecessary distractions in life.

Malachite Crystal

Malachite Crystal Meaning and Properties

The malachite crystal name comes from the Greek work Malakos which means “soft.” The early records of its use dates to 4000 BC. Malachite crystal exudes a gorgeous deep rich green color reflecting an image of an evil’s eye. Its green color is reminiscent of nature. It relatively radiates the energy from flowers, leaves, trees, and nature in general.

Malachite is popularly known as a Stone of Transformation. It is known to absorb the negative energies of the body like toxins. The energy it carries dispels impurities of the mind, body, and soul. One of malachite’s great property is its ability to leave an individual with a clean slate. When you are facing a big decision in life that requires you to make a change, malachite crystal would be the best crystal to have around.

Malachite Healing Properties

Its rich green stone color speaks volume of what malachite healing properties are. Its color alone is a welcoming energy to the individual. It encourages you to be neutral and humble. On a more spiritual level, malachite healing properties include a person’s ability to turn away negative thoughts and malpractices. Malachite crystals offer an energy to guide you through the right path of undertaking. It likewise promotes healing of the soul as it cleanses out guilt and ill feelings or pent-up grudges.

In some countries, malachite crystals are often given to people who suffer from childhood trauma or an unfortunate accident. When there is death in the family, the malachite crystals are often seen placed in some corners or shelf at home. Malachite healing properties encourages an individual cope with grief with grace and strength. It also gives you the vibe to pick up broken pieces and be whole again.

Benefits of Malachite Crystals

People who incorporate malachite crystals into their daily lives making them a part of their jewelry or accessory present themselves as elegant with authority. The evil eye image reflected by this Stone of Transformation helps you generate a strong energy to make clear and wise decisions. You can easily get through any changes in your life big or small with malachite crystals. It is known to help people with their anxiety when they travel. Anyone who has a fear of height or travel can benefit from malachite’s healing properties.


Moonstone Meaning and Properties

Moonstone is another natural crystal that is a favorite by many. It comes in colors of milky white, pink, gray, green, or blue. It is known to harvest energy from the moon. In feng shui, the moon represents divine fertility. Moonstone crystal represents reproduction and emotion. They best represent the zodiacs Rabbit, Cancer, Libra, and Scorpio and vibrates to the number 4 in feng shui. Water, metal, and earth are among the elements composing moonstone properties.

Moonstone Healing Properties

Moonstone crystals vibrate serene and tranquil energy which encourage a person to pursue his dreams and aspirations in life. Moonstone healing properties help you activateyour creative side and motherly instinct. As it represents divine femininity, it helps you become receptive of your surroundings. You are guided by its energy to follow your intuition and to balance your emotions. The energy harvested from the moon likewise creates a mirror which helps you get in touch with your inner self and desire.

Benefits of Moonstone Crystals

Among the benefits of moonstone crystals is its ability to help couples reproduce. Understanding the moon cycles and drawing energy from the moon help achieve fertility and finally, conception. Many married couples who are longing to get pregnant use moonstone crystals are their healing crystal. In some culture, moonstone crystals are given to a woman the moment she gets her first menstrual cycle. It is said that this practice is a symbol of offering to the moon goddess to protect the woman from any womb-related illnesses.

With moonstone crystals, hormones are likewise controlled. This will help you to decide wisely and not react based on emotions.This is perfect to place in small spaces like a small office space where there is greater chance that conflict may ensue. When tranquility is achieved, all is well with the world.

Tiger’s Eye

Tiger’s Eye Meaning and Properties

Tiger’s eye is another crystal favorite. It is often seen worn by career-driven people such business owners and those holding an executive position. It is a favorite crystal by decision makers and visionaries. It is your boss’s favorite to wear at work.

The tiger’s eye belongs to the Chalcedony class of mineral. It exudes a reddish-brown color and often comes with iron stripes. In the crystal world, tiger’s eye means inner strength. Gemini, Capricorn, and Leo are the zodiacs represented by the tiger’s eye. The tiger’s eye would be a perfect match for these three zodiacs. Tiger’s Eye properties are activated in maximum when worn and when used by people with these zodiacs.

Tiger’s Eye Healing Properties

There is a reason why the tiger’s eye crystal means inner strength. When you are a person exercising discretion and making executive decisions daily, you need to maintain an inner strength to arrive at a fair and wise decision. The tiger’s eye energy helps in unclogging mental blocks. It also shifts a person’s mood to focus and drive motivation.

Benefits of Tiger’s Eye

When the tiger’s eye’s energy is directed the right way, a person who wears or has it may gainnew confidence to combat the day with success. The tiger’s eye also carries spiritual benefits. It pays to carry around a tiger’s eye when you have low chakra. As an earthly stone, the root chakra, solar plexus chakra, and sacral chakra are harmonized to provide a person the energy kick he or she needs. Whilst keeping your feet on the ground, you can leap towards success.

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Amethyst Crystal

Amethyst Crystal Meaning and Properties

Amethyst is a variety of quartz that brings delight to any jeweler and enthusiast. Aside from its beautiful purple coloration, the amethyst crystal is favorite gem to be made into luxurious jewelry. Spiritually, amethysts connote humility, tranquility, and calmness. Literally, it means not intoxicated.

Today, the amethyst crystal is popular all over the world. However, its first sightings were in North Africa, Uruguay, Greece, and Brazil. What makes the amethyst crystal even more popular is its impressive physical properties. Being a variety of quartz, Amethysts plays at 7 on a Mohs scale when it comes to its hardness. It is also found to contain iron and other trace minerals.

Amethyst Healing Properties

Amethyst healing properties are unmatched in the crystal lore. The energy it emits promotes sobriety. Most parents take advantage of this healing property. They choose the amethyst crystal as a jewelry gift to their daughters to avoid them from drunkenness. If you see a woman wearing an amethyst jewelry, you know the true purpose behind it. Sure, amethyst crystals make for a perfect and luxurious jewelry. However, its classy aesthetics would only serve as bonus.

In the spiritual realm, amethyst promotes a clear mind. It avoids people from exercising clouded judgments. The amethyst healing properties are useful for keeping one awake when deciding for a big purchase or signing and closing a deal. It gets rid of all negative thoughts thereby freeing the mind from clutter. It also offers leverage in a situation when you are ambushed to decide right away.

Benefits of Amethyst Crystal

Because it is a hard quartz, amethyst crystals make for a perfect jewelry for any occasion. Its beautiful purple color is an eye catcher. When worn, not only are you protected from making emotional decisions, it also avoids you from negative energies that disrupts clear thinking. The amethyst crystal is a luxurious gem that may be intimidating to the naked eye, but the energy it exudes makes a person, no matter the stature, to keep their feet on the ground. It helps promote a calmness of soul by healing any form of anxiety.

Turquoise Crystal

Turquoise Crystal Meaning and Properties

Turquoise is a mineral composed of copper and aluminum. It is known to promote harmony among the Heart chakra, Throat chakra, and Third Eye chakra. Turquoise represents the planets Jupiter and Neptune. It plays well with the elements of earth, air, and fire. Turquoise crystals commonly bear the colors turquoise, light blue, and green. In crystal lore, turquoise means purification and sensitivity. It means purification.

Turquoise Healing Properties

Turquoise is also referred to as a purification stone. It has the healing properties of dispelling body impurities. As it promotes the Heart and Throat chakras, turquoise healing properties include protection from the impurities of the environment. It promotes healing of any lung, heart, and throat related diseases. Noteworthy of turquoise healing properties is its ability to help boost the immune system and stimulate the regeneration of tissues for fast healing.

Interesting to note about turquoise healing properties is its ability to protect a household member from the effects of radiation. Electronic gadgets are everywhere. Heck, all your household members might be holding their phones right now. When you place turquoise crystals near your flat-screen TVs or gadgets, these crystals somehow minimize their harmful effects.

Benefits of Turquoise

Like amethyst, the turquoise crystal is one of the most loved crystal all over the world because of its beautiful color. It reflects elegance, calmness, and grace. Anybody who is seen wearing turquoise as a jewelry would easily say one has a fine taste.

The energy drawn from turquoise easily allows a person to harmonize his physical energy with his spiritual being. And because it purifies a person’s body and soul, it easily promotes the balance of all the chakras of a person. Ultimately leading to self-awareness and a deeper understanding of other’s welfare.

Black Tourmaline Crystal

Black Tourmaline Meaning and Properties

Black tourmaline is a member of the aluminum borosilicate family. It has a hexagonal shape and contains among others, iron, and magnesium. It has the same Mohs hardness as the amethyst crystal which is around 7 and is popular for its unique black color.

The black tourmaline crystal is associated with the root chakra which attributes for our physical stability and the earth chakra which attributes our connection with the earth. Black tourmaline means protection.

Black Tourmaline Healing Properties

Black tourmaline is not called a stone of protection for no reason. Its healing properties are one too many to mention but among them include an improvement of blood circulation, purification from environmental toxics, and the promotion of a healthy mood. Black tourmaline healing properties thatmake the use of the crystal popular are its ability to promote weight loss and reduce anxiety and stress.

Benefits of Black Tourmaline

By simply placing a black tourmaline crystal under your pillow, you are cleansing your aura from any impurities. It promotes holistic wellness. If you carry a black tourmaline crystal during meditation, it helps release the negative energy that is weighting your down. It is perfect to be carried or worn by people who suffer from depression and anxiety. The protection the black tourmaline offers is likewise unmatched. Physically, it is a perfect crystal for persons who are suffering from skeletal-related problems as it supports stability and security. On an emotional level, the benefits of black tourmaline include releasing anger and maintaining a person’s connection to the ground, keeping him humble.

Shungite Stone

Shugite Meaning and Properties

Shungite is an interesting stone in crystal lore and its popularity is attributed to its rarity. It has unique composition. It is primarily composed of 99 percent carbon and contains a little or more of every known mineral. Its origin remains a mystery until now. Commonly, a stone primarily made of carbon only comes from dead or decayed organic materials like wood. This is not the case of the shungite stone. Its mysterious origin only leads to the theory that it comes from a meteorite that hit the earth 2 billion years ago. Shungite in the world of crystals means the Ultimate Purifying Stone.

Shungite Healing Properties

The carbon composition of shungite stones is responsible for its healing properties. Generally, when shungites are placed in homes and office spaces, they are known to effectively kill bacteria and viruses. It is found to have the ability to destroy pathogens. In some homes, shungites are used to naturally purify the water. Shungite healing properties include decontamination of water and the removal of radioactive compounds found in water. All you have to do is diffuse shungunite crystals in to the water right.

Benefits of Sungite

As an Ultimate Purifying Stone, shungite is your go-to hack to cleanseall forms of environmental impurities. Another great benefit of shungite is its ability to reduce oxidative stress. It also aids in the increase of antioxidant enzymes in the body. But the shungite benefit most appreciated by many even in a common household is its useful application for common ailments such colds, allergies, gastric issues, chronic fatigue, arthritis, and kidney problems to name a few.

Jade Crystal

Jade Crystal Meaning and Properties

Jade is a translucent crystal which exudes the familiar green color. It is common in the Southeast Asian regions and is popular for its amazing properties. It is used as a jewelry, ornamental decoration, and an integral part of art. Jade’s composition is interesting. It is composed of two different gems, nephrite and jadeite. In feng shui, jade means luck or prosperity.

Jade Crystal Healing Properties

Jade crystal is extremely popular among business owners and managers. Its healing properties promote the restoration of business losses. It is likewise known to encourage future business development. It is considered as a portable lucky charm by many because of its ability to open opportunities to its bearer. Its unique color green promotes tranquility and calmness which greatly help a person to conduct his affairs with grace despite pressure. The vibrations of jade crystals radiate positive energy that potentially benefits organs in the body such as the spleen, kidney, and bladder.

Benefits of Jade Crystal

Wearing jade crystal as a jewelry especially as a necklace bring surprising benefits. Accordingly, when the jade crystal touches the heart area, it triggers vibrations that harmonize the heart chakra. When this happens, it is most likely that a person is protected from anything that blocks the heart both on a physical and spiritual level. The jade crystal is extremely popular because of its high value. When you own jade you attract wealth and abundance into your life.

Rhodochrosite Crystal

Rhodochrosite Crystal Meaning and Properties

Rhodochrosite is a mineral belonging to the Calcite family. It is composed of manganese carbonate mineral. The rhodochrosite crystal comes in variety of forms. Sometimes granular, nodular, or botryoidal form. Its name is derived from the Greek word rhodos meaning “rose”, and khros which means “color.” It bears a beautiful mix colors of pink and light orange giving an amazing raspberry result.

Rhodochrosite gains popularity around the world because of what it symbolizes: self-less love. As a crystal, it bears a soulful title: The Stone of the Compassionate Heart.

Rhodochrosite Crystal Healing Properties

If there is one thing that rhodocrhosites are known for, it is their ability to trigger the empathy among people. It frees the heart from anger, envy, and greed. It vibrates energy of selfless love and promotes the welfare of others above else. Rhodochrosite crystal healing properties is well connected with the Heart chakra. Inner peace is its ultimate reward. With rhodochrosite, the mental faculties and physical state are bridged by the heart. Unresolved issues are avoided, and good relations is established.

Benefits of Rhodochrosite Crystal

This raspberry-colored crystal is just as beautiful as the benefits it is known for. Its ability to harmonize the senses of the body to promote wholeness is beyond what any man can ask for. One unparalleled benefit of rhodrochrosite crystal is the empowerment it gives a person to let go of old grudges, unresolved issues, and suppressed feelings. It is also known to help a person tend a broken heart. Its healing properties cuts destructive behavioral patterns that carry only negativity into your life. It heals and it helps you grow to be a better person.

Lapiz Lazuli Crystal

Lapiz Lazuli Crystal Meaning and Properties

Lapiz lazuli crystal is a compact and massive rock considered as one of the most highly valued stone to date. It bears the unique mix of colors or blue or purple with specs of white. Its high value is attributed to its antique origin dating back to 7th millennium BCE. Its first record of use involves the extraction of all its blue pigment to convert into ultramarine, the major substance which contributed greatly to Renaissance and Baroque arts.

Its name comes from the Latin word Lapis meaning “stone”, and the Persian word lazhuward, which means “blue.” The celestial blue color which is one of its characteristics sought for by jewelers and enthusiasts symbolizes royalty and honor.

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Lapiz Lazuli Healing Properties

Lapiz Lazuli is an crystal that promotes higher intellect and depth analysis. It is perfect for the psychologists, executives, judges, and doctors. Lapiz Lazuli healing properties include the ability to discern what is right from wrong. It clears any mental blockages. Lapiz Lazuli is a powerful crystal to simulate your desire for knowledge and truth. It is also known as an effective aid of memory.

Benefits of Lapiz Lazuli

With its ability to enhance memory and promote a higher form of learning, it is the perfect crystal to bring along when you are about to take an examination or go through an interview. It brings good luck to anybody who auditions or apply for a job. Lapiz lazuli is most beneficial when placed in your workspace. Whether you put it as an ornament on your worktable, or as a centerpiece, it will surely stand out because of the great benefits lapiz lazuli bring. It promotes deep conversation among co-workers, and it triggers the brain to develop ideas helpful for work.

Selenite Crystal

Selenite Crystal Meaning and Properties

The Selenite name is derived from the name of the goddess Selene, which means moon. Selenite crystal is the cousin of Moonstone. It is a calcium sulfate mineral belonging to the Gypsum variety. Accordingly, the selenite crystal is considered to bear the highest form of spiritual energy. It is said to connect us to the higher forms of beings like the angels. It connects us to the spiritual realm. Selenite crystal means rejuvenation and divine femininity. It exudes the colors brown green, brownish yellow, gray, green, and gray white.

Selenite Crystal Healing Properties

Similar to its cousin Moonstone, selenite crystal healing properties are responsible for our ability to be self-aware. Its vibration often relays a message that there is someone or something higher than us, like the angels. Its energy purifies our very soul for us to easily connect with spiritual beings. The tranquil energy drawn from the moon reverberates calmness of the mind, body, and soul. Selenite crystal healing properties take away our worries of the day.

Benefits of Selenite Crystal

Selenite crystals are perfect alternatives to Moonstones in case you cannot find one. Whenever you feel distracted by life’s hustle and bustle, simply place a selenite crystal near you and feel the calm energy enveloping your senses. It takes the worries of the day and calms your strain nerves. Consequently, it is the perfect crystal to use when you want to heal insomnia.

Carnelian Crystal

Carnelian Crystal Meaning and Properties

Carnelian is another mineral belonging to the Quartz family. It has a vitreous luster and comes in a hexagonal form. Carnelian is a part of the Chalcedony kind. It reflects a deep red and orange color. Its name is derived from the Latin word carne, meaning “flesh.” Considered as a semi-precious stone, no wonder carnelians are made into jewelries and ornaments. It means love, desire, and passion.

Carnelian Crystal Healing Properties

The carnelian crystal releases life force strong enough to promote good metabolism and blood circulation. It is also the perfect crystal for couples who wish to get pregnant. Carnelian life forces enhances the reproductive abilities of both man and woman, increasing fertility, and the chances of conceiving a child.

Benefits of Carnelian Crystals

When you display carnelian crystals in your bedroom, its life force will protect you from unfortunate circumstances relative to productivity such as frigidity and impotence. Its healing properties help minimize the pain from menstrual crumps. It likewise aids in the behavioral changes brought about by menopause. The most important benefit of carnelian crystals by far to date is its ability to promote successful in vitro and artificial insemination operation.

Black Obsidian Crystal

Black Obsidian Crystal Meaning and Properties

Black obsidians are deep black or blackish green colored gem categorized as a volcanic glass. It is translucent and has a glassy texture which makes it stand out from the rest. Black obsidians are generally composed of felsic lava along with silicon, oxygen, aluminum, and potassium as lighter elements. This crystal is commonly found where there are volcanoes such as Central America and Mexico.

Black Obsidian Crystal Healing Properties

The calming and positive energy the Black Obsidian releases contribute to the effective management of any raging emotions. Whether you are stuck in traffic or had a petty argument with the missus, having a black obsidian around somehow helps ease the tension. This healing property of black obsidian is the real deal in any types of work arrangements. It easily cleanses the aura. It helps promote renewed clean energy in any space of your home or work.

Benefits of Black Obsidian Crystal

The black obsidian crystal is a perfect choice for when you need reminding to be humble and accepting. It is a natural cleanser for any ill feelings. It promotes harmony and good relations. The energy the black obsidian releases connect you to your earth and spiritual elements. It keeps you humble and calm regardless of the kind of situation you are in. The vibration of the black obsidian aids in releasing any excess negative energy. If there is a way to help you relieve the stress from your daily combats, keeping a black obsidian around would be it.

On the spiritual level, the black obsidian is popular as a tool to connect with a loved one from the afterlife. If you feel like a closure is wanted, this is the crystal you will need to communicate spiritually.

 It is important to note that while crystals gain popularity because of their healing properties and meaning, there is yet no solid scientific evidence that supports it as a medicine. However, one cannot deny the benefits these crystals offer. No matter your intent of use, these healing crystals are gifts of nature for humankind. Since they are available for the taking, might as well learn which ones best suit your needs.

What worse could happen when you try one of these healings? Integrate its use to your daily living and you might be surprised by its healing benefits. If you have no idea which crystal best suites you, go to your nearest crystal shop or Chinatown and learn more interesting facts about these healing crystals. Feng shui master are often present in crystal shops. They will be able to assist you and help you decide which is the perfect crystal for you. There is no limit to the number of crystals you can use. But some of these crystals are heavy. It would be best to understand how a particular crystal work in your life and choose that which you think would best apply.

Do you use healing crystals in your home or office? What are your favorite healing crystals?