Qi Men Dun Jia Chart Exercise 2



A client is looking to get a new office. However due to current covid, she is hesitant. What would you suggest? And why. Use the Qi Men Dun Jia chart above and solve the question.


Box 6, which represents 20-30% energy, taking into consideration that 9earth means low, could means the options and units available are limited, she will need to look at the details and contracts pretty carefully and there could be potential issues and problems along the way. With the emptiness, it lowers the entire energy of box 6 tremendous, which includes lowering the “Geng” that could be very dangerous.

We will look at box 4 further and realised the with a rest, it shows that things will be in a relax situation where she does not need to make much effort to find some suitable units, with a diplomat, which is a good star, indicating there could be good units out there that are hidden (Darkness). Although a Gui is there indicating kind of muddy situation, with the cash and capital from her saving and the money earned from Wu, she will be able to get something interesting.  With box 4 Xun, a directionless situation, once she is able to find something will be able to get it up and running.


Box 3 (Jia + Wu = Xin), currently in the highest luck with co-operation from many parties and partners, she is in good luck, the bandits indicates that she will have to spend money if she is going ahead getting an office unit, and potentially maybe cheated if she is not careful, the box 6 in (View) supported that she need to look at the details and contract carefully.  The xin box 3 also indicate she is likely to make some mistakes, she is not a careful person.  

Element Relationships

Element of Asker and Answer, both are the same wood, in harmony, it is good.


If she were to take up the unit, he profit reference point is box 9 (Life), where there will be huge worries(Serpent) as it is in box 9. Box 9 also represent high level (High worries). There is a small hill (Ji)  to climb to make profits. There is also an impulse star, telling us that she could be having problems in the profit due to impulsive decisions to take up the unit. We can say that although she has the money, she may not be really ready to have a physical office, this could be her ability or the covid situation that is “signally” that there is an external problem (Box 6 problem star, take note problem star is also a health related issue, which means the covid situation.)  

Element Relationships

Element of Asker (Box3) and profits (Box 9) – She is producing the profits, saying that she will need to make effort to make some profits, not alot as the “serpent” is limiting the profit of the company.  The business profit locates in box 9 which is like a fireworks, where the profits can come but eventually will be lesser, supported by the Serpent (Worries)  


Although the answer on paper looks good in box 4, and her current luck is good, where there is a potential a suitable good unit will be available due to her deep search, however, we must know that a new office will need deposit, renovations, furniture and rentals.  Which becomes a cost for her, and that does not equates to having a nice an bigger office automatically have more sales and profits. At such the best recommendation is to advise her to hold on first for a few months and relook at it again when the situation is clearer.