What is Direct Wealth in Qi Men Dun Jia

Welcome to Qi Men Dun Jia. My name is Dougles Chan and I am a Qi Men teacher in Singapore.

I will show you what direct wealth stands for.

Direct wealth is an income that you make from doing business. Direct wealth is not related a job, you go for a career, and people hire you and pay you a salary. This, under the Qi Men Dun Jia and is not direct wealth. Do not claim that direct wealth equates to a job. It is never a job.

Direct wealth is when you provide a service or a product, and from there, you are able to generate a certain income – from people buying your service or product. 

Things related to the insurance agent which you sell a service relates to insurance products or insurance packages and you are not paid a salary. That will equate to direct wealth. And things related to the property agent: when you service a customer, you are based on the transaction to get a specific commission, and you are not paid a salary. It is direct wealth.

For example, if you are doing e-commerce and want to buy sales items on the internet, you are classified as having direct wealth.

All these things which relate to money coming in and you are not paid as a salary, or you do not exchange your time for a certain income, is direct wealth. Bear in mind that once you are able to go into Qi Men Dun Jia, direct wealth is very important because sometimes people mix up the definitions and there are different charts for different places in Qi Men Dun Jia. You will get the wrong information if you do not understand the definition of Qi Men Dun Jia.

I hope you understand what direct wealth is. If you have any questions, let me know by commenting or texting me. From there, you can help me in this aspect. Thanks for reading.