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How to Hire a Good Sales Person Using Qi Men Dun Jia

How to Hire a Good Sales Person Using Qi Men Dun Jia

You must plot the chart based on the birth date and time to see what kind of personality the person you want to hire is.

There are some symbols that you can find to see if this person is able to hire.

First, you need to find the Partner symbol that is considered a good symbol because that person would be a very friendly person, nor would they be a selfish person.

You also have to look to see if they have an open door that is considered this person is very extroverted, they will always want them to be in contact with people to listen and learn.

The black tortoise is considered a very talkative person, they are very intelligent in the way they talk. If you hire someone with a black tortoise, they will know how to handle a conversation. Another aspect you must also pay attention to is their diplomatic style. They will be very scientific and disciplined people, they will focus on working in certain steps.

So it depends on what level of person you want to hire. If you want an aggressive person, choose the partner with the life door or even the open door or even black tortoise itself. If you want a person who is stable, consistent, choose a diplomat star.

There are still many other ways to choose a good person to work with using Qi Men that you can learn.

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