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How property agents use Qi Men Dun Jia for their distinct advantages?

There are some groups that use Qimen skills to make appointments and also choose the best timing to meet customers so that they are able to close the deal.

This is called the date selection and something is called time selection.

We need to understand that it is not 100 percent accurate but 70 to 80 percent accurate. It means every time when you meet the customers, you choose the best timing, you will be able to have a better chance and that will increase the efficiency of the property agents compared with if you do not know how to choose the best timing.

Another way is sometimes if their customers ask them about certain rental or sales of the places, based on the Qimen chart they are able to read whether this person is sincere or not. The accuracy can be as high as 80-90 percent depending on the agents whether they want to use this method to filter the right customers for them and choose the right timing to do certain deals.

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