What is Leader Zhi Fu 值符 in Qi Men Dun Jia Really Means?

What is leader Zhi Fu 值符 in Qi Men Dun Jia chart? What does it represents in Qimen Divination and Qimen Bazi reading. Dougles Chan, Qimen Master Shifu share with you his insights in this video.

The leader Zhi Fu 值符 The number 1 leader of ALL heavenly God. This is the best God to use if you are using Qimen divination or Calculate bazi. A leader, with authority, a boss, or high management. Someone with exceptional leadership qualities with authorities, if you are looking to hire someone to lead a team, and their day palace had a Zhi Fu 值符 in the palace, it will be a great hire. Someone who is steady confident and determined. Represents valuable, precious, noblemen or benefactors. It can represent a judge, an examiner, bank ,mood. Be careful of emptiness in the palace, if it happens, even the number 1 leader will lose most of the energy!