Understand The Real Reason Why Some Bazi Readings Are Not Accurate

Hello, my name is Dougles Chan and I am a Qi Men Dun Jia Teacher

Today, I’d like to talk about this particular topic related to why some of the Bazi readings by Bazi masters of fortune tellers may not be very accurate at all.

Let’s explore the reason why that is. I mean that we are not pinpointing the individual but we are talking about the whole of what might be the possible issues.

First of all, one of the issues is that it takes two hands to clap. When you give your information about your birthday and time, is it accurate?

It is really important because if you give the wrong information to the person trying to decipher the information, then apparently, the information given back to you will not be correct.

So why is that?

The information that you have (the birthday above) sometimes may not be accurate because your parents may have given you the wrong information or for another reason. That is why the information in terms of the Bazi reading will not be accurate.

Secondly, do you know that different countries in terms of the way of registering the birthday will be different?

Let’s give you an example. For example, in Indonesia, when they register their birth certificates, the actual date of birth and the date of registration will be different because that is their process. So, imagine that you gave birth today and after one month, the registration date has started. Then that is the date of registration, and sometimes, because people do not understand the process in that particular country, they use the date of registration and not the date of birth.

From there, the total amount of information you provide to the fortune teller or about the Bazi will be totally different.

So, there is another reason why this Bazi reading may not be accurate. We have to understand that there are many different schools of thought on this Bazi reading. Apparently, different Bazi reading schools of thought will have different levels of accuracy.

If a person is learning something that is not so great and the information that you provide is accurate, the output of the outcome will not be accurate.

Hence, it is very important that you get the best or most trustworthy method of Bazi reading.

Of course, eventually, you also have to see the people for how experienced they are.

If they have just started or compared to somebody who has 10 years or 20 years of experience, then the result will be very different.

But having said that, you also have to take into account that if the person has 30 years of experience but is using a method that is not good, then the outcome would still be not good.

It is a very diplomatic statement, but at the end of the day, you have to understand that this is how it works.

There is another important thing I would like to share related to Bazi reading. That could be one of the killer factors why this Bazi reading is not accurate. This is the best of the best in this video.

In this Bazir reading, what we need to know is that in every country, during the last 100 years, there have been changes and adjustments in terms of their time zone. For example, did you know that in Singapore, if you were born in 1983, you must subtract one hour and four minutes from your actual date of birth? Not many people know that. Because for many years in Singapore, there were so many time adjustments that not many masters of Bazi reading really bothered to look at it.

Once they make a time adjustment, the actual date of birth of a person actually changes. The real date of birth is not the same as the album of the day that is being registered.

If you were born in 1971, do you know that you have to minus your date of birth by 34 minutes?

Well, I didn’t know that until I discovered it, and after I did an alignment and made changes for a lot of my customers, I realized the accuracy from 70% to 80% goes up all the way to 99%. That is amazing, but not many people know about it.

So, that is why I am able to get a lot of good reviews and good accuracy from my customers. They are able to get very precise information related to their Bazi.

So far, I have not failed, unless the person gave me the wrong information. Because I always verify the information before I even proceed to the next level.

All this is the information related to why some of the Bazi readings may not be so accurate.

Of course, this is a general statement, but the question is, you have to understand that this is happening across the world, whether or not you are using Chinese metaphysics or astrology.

This applies to every single one of them. You get the adjustment of your time for the country, understanding that the time zone has changed. So, you do the adjustment backward, and from there you should be able to get very precise information about your real birth date. Hence, all analyses of your Bazi reading will be very accurate.

That is the information I can share with you today. Thank you.