Headhunter approaches you for a senior job, should you accept? Using QMDJ to forecast the result

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Hello, welcome to Qi Men Dun Jia. Today’s case study, we are talking about this particular job. A headhunter headhunters you for a senior post, should you accept it? We are able to base our analysis on the Qi Men Dun Jia chart to see what the potential things that might be happening are, up to 70% to 90% of accuracy depending on the person and whether he is able to decipher the information correctly.

Let’s go straight to this case.

We should be looking at the answer and the subject. The subject is actually represented by the symbol under the Day Ttem which is called Geng.

We also have to look at the answer which is under the Hour Stem. This is Yi.

So, based on these two symbols, we will need to see where they are in the nine palaces. After locating the box, we know what information is provided in that particular box. Yi is in box 8 and box 7. Generally,  what we need to see is we will look at the one at the top. Yi in box 8 is at the top. Yi in box 7 is below.

So. box 8 represents the answer. What we need to do is we also need to identify where the asker is. The asker is Geng which is in box 7.

Next, we need to see what is the information provided in each of the boxes about the general information and the overall of the whole thing.

First, we need to look at the box 8:

We have the Black Tortoise, Injury, and Destroyer. These particular symbols tell us certain meanings and information. From there, based on the information to get a feeling about whether this particular job offer is going to be good or not good. Black Tortoise symbolizes something that may be fake. You might lose money. Based on this particular question we are talking about, this job offer may be a bit fake, which may not really tell you the whole story of this particular hunter. There’s an Injury meaning that physically, mentally, or emotionally, you may be hurt if you want to accept this particular offer. There’s a Destroyer which is not a very good Start to be associated with. So, in this case, I am not really looking forward to this question because the whole answer doesn’t seem to be very promising. 

However, we cannot just look at the answer. We have to look at the other things to see what the overall situation is. So, if you look at box 7, there are 3 red symbols.

We have a Leader, Open, and Advisor that is representing you. At this point in time, you’re very lucky. Your luck is very good. You are somebody who is very friendly and very open to new ideas. You are also a leader, and you are also somebody who is more cultured and very educated. So, it tells us a lot about you.

In this case, in order to look at the job, we need to look at the reference point. Where is the reference point? The reference point of the job equates to Open Door which is in box 7.

We have a Leader and Advisor which are together with you in terms of element. Technically, it looks perfectly fine. However, we have Geng over here. Geng is actually the enemy under the Qi Men Dun Jia category, we have to be more careful in this aspect, although the symbols tell us something which is good as a job. The job and you are in harmony under the five element relationship. So, technically, it should be fine. That means there are 2 scenarios. One is that the headhunter is telling you about the job, but the headhunter is not the one offering the job, but the job is legitimate.

At the same time. We also have to see the asker and the answer. What is going to happen?

Box 8 is Earth. How do you know that? We have Gen with a brown color, which stands for Earth. The asker (box 7) is Metal. In this case, Earth produces Metal, which means the answer produces the asker. A hurting situation is going to come to the person who is the asker. There is something I have to really take note of that the Injury is going to come to you. It’s not a very good sign, which means that you are out of control.

At the same time, I want to see how accurate this information is provided by the headhunter. In terms of information reliability, I will look at Ding which is in box 6:

Ding is accompanied by 9Heaven, which tells us that the headhunter is actually exaggerating the information. So, the situation is that the job is legitimate, but the headhunter is wrong. Something is not quite right about the information provided by the headhunter. In this case, we may have to ask for more information about the job. You can always go through the interview process to see how genuine this post is going to be. From there. maybe you’ll be able to explore further and find out some of the information that is being provided by the company. 

So, to answer the question of whether to accept it or not. There is no strict answer to this, but just bear in mind that in the event that you want to take this offer, there’s a very high possibility that you may get injured physically, emotionally, or mentally. Just be a bit more mindful about it. It really depends on how much you want this job. I believe that it’s okay to go through the interview process. But just bear in mind that in the event that you want to take up this job, the box 8’s energy will actually activate. This is how we actually see the Qi Men Dun Jia divination for job hunting. Thank you very much.