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Qi Men Chart Divination – Will She Get Married? (QMDJ)

In this Qi men chart Divination (What really is Qimen), someone ask me if she should get married, in 2018 i made a divination on the matter. And I will share the step by step approach on how to understand the chart. So eventually what happen after that? Check out the video.

Today we’re going to talk about this particular case study of whether the lady should go ahead with the marriage. 

In 2018 there was this lady who asked me to see whether she was able to get married to the person and then live happily ever after. Based on the time which is 11:45 August 2nd. 

In Qi Men we’re able to based on this information provided at the point of time so that we can make a decision to see whether we should be going ahead or not. I will explain to you how we actually get the information and the prediction so that you can understand this step by step approach. 

In Qi Men we’re able to do a prediction of what is likely to happen and usually for the answer for this Qi Men we will be looking at the hour stem. The answer generally speaking will be located in hour stem which is the Jia, Wu hours. In Jia Wu hour we will be looking at this particular thing over here which is called Xin. In box number 4 it represents the general information about this. The question is should the lady go ahead with the marriage?

In this aspect we have this Leader and Advisor, this Obstruct, there could be some obstacles but as a whole, if you look at box number 4 there’s a 0 over here which is called emptiness. It means that the energy in box number 4 is not really high. From 80% to 90% of the energy which in box number 4 you will be reducing to 20%. Because of that we will have to look at the opposite box which is box number 6. Box number 6 will be our answer in this case, the energy here is around 60% to 70% of the overall chart.

It means that if she wants to get married there will be a lot of opportunities. Generally speaking if you look at it as a normal chart it should look good. However in Qi Men we cannot say like that, they are just based on the hour chart. 

We will just be able to see the answer itself, we also have to see a few other things. We have to see where the person is, the lady is located in box number 9 which is Bing. The day stem is the person itself, located in box number 9 which is the Li, the palace of box number 9. What does that represent, we’ll be going step by step.

I want to see whether their marriage is good. We need to go into the Partner, which is the partner over here, the partner belongs to water and herself in box 9 belongs to fire. Water and fire in the elements of combination are clashing, water and fire will not mix together. That’s one science, saying that marriage will not be good. Second is we have to look at all this information if you see all the symbols over here it’s repeating by itself. This is called a Fuyin chart, meaning that if  you want to look at the divination and if you have a Fuyin chart  meaning that the process will be long.

The process will be painful, you’ll be very draggie. In any situation, in any case most of the time if we were to see this Fuyin chart we will not really recommend a person to go ahead with anything. Of course the end of the day depends on the person because in box 6 itself it looks good. There’s a lot of opportunities in terms of happy marriage but if you look at box number 1 and box 9 itself it doesn’t look good in terms of the marriage itself as a whole. Based on the information that is provided we look at things in a more holistic way. 

Generally speaking because of the Fuyin chart the marriage itself is actually clashing with the person which is the lady. Technically speaking I will not recommend a person to go ahead with the marriage. Moving forward, what happened was the lady actually continued to get married with the person and eventually a couple of months ago she informed me that she was divorced. In this aspect we have to really respect this Qi Men because it gives us the overall situation of the potential thing that may happen.

Of course we have to based on the information decipher from this Qi Men chart, but that doesn’t mean that it’s 100% absolute there’s also an element of human aspect. Because at the end of the day if the chart says it is a good thing but you don’t actually act on it you will also not get good things from what the chart says. It’s not vice versa. Here are the explanations on how we decipher the Qi Men chart for divination. Thank you.

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