ROM Solemnisation, Good ROM Date & Marriage Date Selection, is it Really Useful?

Yes, you are going to have your ROM Solemnisation soon and looking for the best ROM date!

Some couples can be very selective in selecting ROM Solemnisation date & marriage date. This is very common in Chinese culture, especially happening in Singapore, Malaysia, China and many parts of Asia where there are Chinese people around. They strongly believe that having a good ROM date (aka as ROM Solemnisation date) and/or good marriage date will ensure that their marriage and relationship will be smooth and plain sailing.

Another consideration for couples are that they may have some bad experiences before with their ex-girlfriend or ex-partners, they believe that have a good ROM date for ROM Solemnisation or an auspicious marriage date selection will ensure things will be far much better next time and avoid the problems last time they have encountered,

This is a good thing. That also shows how much they care and bother about their marriage relationships in the long run. Which might be a good thing in the eyes of a good marriage.

Obviously, some couple take the selection of good and auspicious marriage date hopping that their luck will get better and maybe get rich from this process! Well, sad to say such things likely will not happen…LOL.

Wait long long also don’t have.

In fact, to be very honest, such selection of dates for ROM Solemnisation or wedding dates may likely have very little or no effect in the relationship at all, maybe for a start, you might pay some money to a Feng Shui Master to get a good date, but do you know that the time itself also need to consider?

Even if you get a good date and time, both of you will FEEL GOOD for a while but when reality comes in, problems will surfaced and argument will start to happen!

Reality in life will break your supposing happy marriage… The bills piled up for many months, not able to get a job, not able to buy a diamond ring for that love one and even if your spouse betrayed you!

Well, that do happen, many times…

Don’t say I am trying to scared you, I have been through over 22 years of marriage, most of the time happy and peaceful, I have my down time also but I managed to overcome them pretty successfully. Not try to boast but wanting to share some of my insights in having a great relationships.

I think I am qualified enough to tell you that it is not just selecting a good date for your ROM or marriage. It is far deeper than that!!

Let me share with you two IMPORTANT things about have a good marriage and good compatibility with your spouse.

Bazi Compatibility Matching

Are you able to please EVERYONE? Impossible, even if you do, you will find it take too much effort and you may not be happy. Have you seen people always arguing and quarreling, like almost every single day? Well, All I can say is that Bazi is not compatibility, sometime they called is BAZI Clash.

In fact, after learning Qi Men Dun Jia many years ago, I do not realized that there is such a thing, but after I play around with my own formula, I realized that I can find the inter-relationship of both person basing on their date of birth. I done a testing with hundreds of cases and I realized something interesting, BAZI clash, does happens, and it is happening in 3 levels. The host, which is yourself, and the other person, plus the combination of YOU and the other person, which is the 3rd level. With that I am able to see the relationship between you and your spouse, accuracy up to 99%. I do not wants to claim it is 100% as there is an element of human and choice for the person.

Bazi Character Relationship

Some people have “lousy” bazi that will clash on their relationship and marriage, at such, no matter how many time they get married, they eventually will lead to divorce regardless of what happen. And this process will continue, even if they were to get married many times and found the right person or even choosing the best ROM date or auspicious wedding date to get married. In a nutshell, their personality and marriage element clash with one another, this will lead to breakup no matter what happen

Can Bad Bazi be Saved?

Well, most Feng Shui Master or Bazi Master will said that it is fated, but with Qi Men Dun Jia, I am able to identify the problems in the 9 palaces in your Bazi Chart and do some shifting and adjusting, sharing with you practical, logical methods and strategies to save your relationship and marriage, obviously I will not ask you to buy expensive Feng Shui items or change your house to enhance your energy which many EXPENSIVE Feng shui master will disagreed on what I am saying.


Well, in order to have a good marriage and relationship, it is more than just having a good and auspicious ROM date or wedding date, you will need to understand your own character, your spouse character and realizing the possible internal relationship (Possible Bazi clash) with one another, once you are able to identify the problems, then you will be able to have a more harmonious relationship with your spouse.

If you want me to check for you, let me know, I will also explain to you WHY it is happening so that you will have a deeper understand and know how to solve any potential issues that may arise. You can contact me at +65-93880851 or email to admin

Happy Marriage to YOU!