Selecting a Good ROM Date in 2022,2023 and 2024

When you first saw the picture of your friend in your social media feed getting engaged, you must be excited! Are you thinking of selcting a good ROM Date in 2022, 2023 & 2024 so that you can tie the knot very soon.

You’ve probably read the outpouring congratulatory messages on her post thread. After the well wishes, the next question that pops up is “When is the date?” For yourself…..

There is so much that goes on before the actual wedding ceremony. Without us knowing, the bride must already be hyperventilating. What with all the necessary preparations to do. An ROM appointment date should be set properly and timely. Yes, I know you are abit Kiasu…looking at 2022,2023 date….if you are looking at 2024 or 2025 to get your date for ROM, then you are really kinda super Kiasu… LOL…

Picking out the date of the wedding is one crucial task for any bride and groom. The date of the wedding must be that ROM available dates when every significant person in your life can attend.

By this, you have to consider the date which is a rest day for almost all your guests. Hence, most couples choose to celebrate their weddings on a weekend, when possible..

It is undebatable that a wedding is a very special event for your ROM. For the bride, it signifies her emancipation from her parents to take on a partner in life and build a family of her own.

For the groom, this means standing up on his own feet as a man to provide for his family. Different countries practice different wedding cultures. For Singapore, these customary practices must be observed during the wedding. This to ensure marital harmony, prosperity, and longevity.

This includes picking out the right ROM date availability for the wedding. Choosing the wrong date can go horrifying wrong!

I remember when a friend told me that there are selecting a ROM date and when they told me exact the time and date, I used Qi Men date selection techniques to check, and I told her that the date and time is very bad, and will likely end up in a divorce. (I was abit direct, but in a good way as we have been friends for many years.)

She was very surprised that I said the words, although she believes me, but the date was selected by her mother using a Tong Shu 通书 and it will not be too nice to ask the mother to choose another date. She got no choice but to go ahead with it.

They proceed to register in the ROM, but after less than 18 months, the last I heard is that they broke up and preparing for their divorce papers…

If you ask me the reason for their separation, whether it is due to the bad selection of ROM date, well, we cannot prove it is but I am sure it could be part of the reason.

One cannot understate the importance of picking the right date for the ROM.

Some would even hire a Singapore feng shui master to determine the perfect date. Don’t be surprised when you are asked for your birth dates for bazi reading. Often, this will be used to calculate your life path. This is a feng shui master technique used to determine the luckiest date for you to get married. Anyways, lets not get too much into the details of that…

For many couples, the major consideration when picking out a wedding date is their guests. Without them knowing, the wedding date contributes as a huge factor to the harmony of marriage.

Will the marriage last long? Will there be lots of arguments within the marriage? Will it end in divorce? These are among the circumstances that relate to the date you pick for your wedding.

Will selecting the right ROM date improves the marriage, well, subconsciously it does help somewhat, both the bride and groom go through the process and build up more rapport to understand how it works and at the same time, understand the culture and alignment of expectation in the life after ROM, this is a good way to start their new life together, in my opinion.

With a perfect ROM date, no more no less. It is when Qi Men Dun Jia technique is used. With this technique, it can forecast the overall ‘health status’ of your marriage.

With the ROM dates 2022,2023 and 2024 available for picking, there are 2 good dates to pick. Only rely from the expert when asking for a calculation of these dates with the use of Qi Men Dun Jia.

It is not a common technique used by many. Thankfully, as it is used only by the emperor last time over 5000 years ago, the commoners are not able to access to such ancient technique.

With Qimen Dunjia, I will be able to calculate the right timing on these 2 good dates for when you get married in the Register of Marriage.

Proper guidance in picking out ROM dates availability in 2022, 2023 or 2024 is a must for any would-be couples. If you have a particular date or a special month, whatapp me at my number at +659388051. I will see what I can do.

This will help you put your mind at ease that somehow, your marriage will have a harmonious result. The great ability of the Qi Men Dun Jia technique is to forecast events in your life. It gives you the leverage in controlling the results because it will guide you what to do. It is not folklore, nor it is plain and simple prediction. It is an art and science at the same time. It is an ancient Chinese practice for strategy formulation used over 5,000 years of history.

So, map out all the negativities hounding your mind and heart. There is no room for any of that when you want to make your wedding perfect. Any hit of negativity won’t also help your  marriage to be harmonious. Fear, anxiety, and worries are the true enemies of good luck.

Get help in picking the perfect date for your wedding TODAY.

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ROM Date Selection Service Rate:

Provide 2 best dates with the best time to celebrate your ROM date. Rate is $128 only for providing 2 dates for selection of ROM dates.